Hot Cheetos Girls, TikTok Trend: Who Are They?

CWhat do Spicy Cheesy Corn Chips have to do with fashion trends? They have something to do with it. And these rebellious girls are truly the epitome of freedom!

What does fashion have to do with iconic Spicy Cheese Corn Chips, Let’s say the imagination travels the social network and, for the time being, TikTok’s new aesthetic They also come up with definitions that are as apt as they are evocative from the world of food: let’s also think of tomato girls. But let’s get back to us. hot cheetos girls They cannot be defined as a novelty, in fact they are placed in the top ten fashion trends for the summer of 2022. But it seemed that even this event was cut short due to a series of controversies. But no, it has got all its glam charge. Great news, do you know why? because this is one of those cases where Fashion has become synonymous with inclusivity and freedom,

who are the hot cheetos girls

last year these days hashtag #hotcheetogirls It was traveling towards 400,000 views. Then he reached them and overtook them. It all started in 2019, when content creators admre is fine – originally from Latin America – introduced to the world Rose, a kind of arrogance. A character inspired by the young women of his family and friends.

,Rose – said the influential – She’s top Latina girl and yes, she can speak out loud; But she is kind and sweet. She is judged on her style, especially by non-Latino whites, but she insists on being herself., So, with irony, Adamreko attempts to break down and reverse prejudices. latin girl stereotype who always wears flashy, casual “over the top” or ultra sexy clothes; Who sports a very flashy make-up, long and very colorful nails, piercings everywhere. His videos quickly went viral, but more than anything has definitely changed the situation.

In other words, many of those “non-Latino whites” They turned the Hot Cheetos Girls into caricaturesRidiculing them distorting them in a sign of exaggeration. And also about racism.

hot cheetos girl look

big comeback

It was inevitable that the Hot Cheetos Girls would fall apart. Of course, those stupid imitations also disappeared over time, but not that it was comforting. In short, the bad taste in the mouth was completely gone. But now a beautiful thing is happening. Now the Hot Cheetos Girls Are Back, And they don’t allow anyone to copy them anymore.

They are more aware, more proud. even more free, They are predominantly Hispanic girls, but in fact this time the trend is independent of ethnic groups and geographic origins.

mini dress + sneakers and visor

how hot cheetos girls dress

Actually, Hot Cheetos Girls Love Flashy Nail Art And this clear makeup, But having said that this does not always translate into excess. And if it does, it’s a conscious choice. What are these “hot girls” and rebels wearing? maxi sweatshirts, snakes, wide leg jeans And Goods, But bomber, plus size t-shirts and vice versa, cropped top And jacket Small myself.

They make goals when they want to feel more seductive. miniskirts and tight-fitting minidresses, they don’t despise i leggingsin the summer they do not do without Shorts, His favorite items also include platform sandalsThe mini handbag They big earrings, You’re thinking it, aren’t you? Basically, depends on the mood of the day we’re all kinda hot cheetos girls, Among the inspiring music of this aesthetic we find stars of the caliber of Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, Cardi B and Iggy Azalea.

Cargo + button down shirt and head bandana

We end with the usual wave of inspiration: here is our gallery,

Cropped Tank Top (H&M)


cargo pants (freddy)


Sneakers Aura Fade Style 36 Decon VR3 (VANS)


Leather Mini Bag (Rachel Zoe)


Varsity Print Oversized T-Shirt (Terranova)


Ruffled Denim Shorts (Sisley)


Draped Miniskirt (Zara)


Stretch Minidress (adidas)


Platform Sandal (Casteaire)


Hoodie with Print (Thrasher)


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