Hot Dance And Light Kiss – Delay

Ana Mena and Fred De Palma are back together. No, not in that sense, also because they have never officially been a couple. Theirs is a complicated relationship, considering the breakup that has been talked about so much.

However, the departure didn’t last long and here they are closer than ever to the stage love me 2023, Fedez invited them both to this great event in Piazza Duomo in Milan. A hymn to live music that also donates at the same time.

But what happened on that stage? The duo made their mega concert debut and no doubt they were able to capture the stage in a big way. The audience is crazy about the two who let one dream possible tamper with,

Ana Maina & Fred De Palma, new song

first singer to appear on the stage of love me 2023 It was Fred De Palma who, as always, got everyone in attendance dancing with a mix of rap and Latin tunes. Suddenly he asked his audience to welcome Ana Maina in a big way and this is where the “madness” began.

The well-designed silver dress, draped just enough to intrigue, was able to dance freely, though without revealing the slightest bit of herself in comparison to the four dancers behind her, who certainly helped fuel the atmosphere.

Together they released their new single, Raga criminalFirst Time on Live Television, Out Now officially on July 7, A song that without a doubt promises to be one of the catchy phrases of the summer. Here are the lyrics of the song:

I want to tell you that don’t ever forget me

And it hurts, hurts, hurts

We don’t have a love song but this one…

criminal rage

it rings with your every breath

You’re still in love, but you feel like you still need a reason

if i had the sea behind me i would look into your eyes

I’m still going crazy for you tonight

criminal tune like a piece of the beatles

i own the club

If I can’t sleep now it’s only your fault

don’t you scare me with those killer eyes

how sick you are, like a rifle that shoots

but then you can’t stay away from me

salt, salt it’s a wish to tell you never forget me

And it hurts, hurts, hurts

Our song is not a love song but it is a…

criminal rage

it rings with your every breath

You’re still in love, but you feel like you still need a reason

i mess up if you’re near me

I undress you, you take my breath away

you dance to these murderous tunes

don’t deny me tonight, you can do whatever you want with me

i’m already playing for us

criminal rage

it’s the sound of your every breath

You’re still in love, but you feel like you still need a reason

Ana Mena and Fred De Palma’s kiss

The audience watched with rapt attention the stage performance of Ana Maina and Fred De Palma love me 2023, If it’s true that the song managed to get everyone dancing, even if it was less than their eternal catchphrase, once againAll attention was focused on the actions of the two heroes.

The duo played to the hearts of the fans, coming closer, touching each other and giving life to an interpretation that started the gossips again. something that is somewhat reminiscent of the Bradley Cooper-Lady Gaga affair, in which both told they were only acting.

Here, who can say what is really going on between Fred De Palma and Ana Mena. They made peace and there are already people on social networks who fantasize romantically. All those who follow him want nothing more than an announcement from him. They could become Italy’s Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello (even if she’s Spanish, ed), regardless of how that ended between them.

Fred’s one hand leaning towards Ana was enough to drive everyone crazy. However, later, it was she who smiled at him in the meantime, who took the reins of the game. Undoubtedly the crowning moment was the sensuous dance she performed. From behind, she moved against her partner’s pelvis, automatically triggering a video clip that had already gone viral.

However, all this was not enough for the public to want something more. So the chorus automatically started: “Kiss, kiss, kiss!”, But nothing to do. Nothing but a smile, but who can tell what will happen in this scorching heat.

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