Hotel Excelsior Venice: Film Festival

Hotel Excelsior Venice: a place that boasts a prestigious proximity to the Venice International Film Festival, which over time has become an inseparable union of the uniqueness of Venice and the magic of cinema. For decades, the hotel has hosted celebrities, directors and artists from all over the world during the famous film festival.

SometimesExcelsior also turns into a movie set. This connection between the Venetian structure and Film exhibition it is a testament to the innate ability to welcome and celebrate the artistic spirit and the harmony between culture and hospitality.

Venice Excelsior Hotel and Film Festival

Connection betweenHotels Excelsior of Venice and Film Festival has long and strong roots, even now that the event center has moved to the Palazzo del Cinema. In 1932, the first event was announced hotel terrace historical president Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata.

At the same time, Hollywood stars of the caliber Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford AND Clark Gable. This will be the year of Frank Capra and the beginning of a series of great successes that will make Venice International Film Festival one of the most important festivals in this sector worldwide.

The most important guests

Give him thirties today, if the rooms and opulent halls of the Excelsior Hotel in Venice could talk, they would speak of the endless number of celebrities they have hosted over time. Between the most important guests related to the world of cinema, it should be mentioned Marlene Dietrich, Ingrid Bergmanour Vittorio De Sica, Claudia CardinaleSilvana Mangano, before Monica Bellucci, Johnny Depp, Al Pacino AND Tilda Swinton. Not just stars: Excelsior hosts politicians such as Winston Churchilll’Aga Khan Hello Dukes of Windsor.

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Hotel Excelsior on the Venetian Lido as a film set

Not only luxurious hospitality: you also need to imagine Hotel Excelsior on the Venetian Lido as a film set. In fact, this structure is ideal for becoming a memorable setting for many productions. For example, some scenes from the masterpiece Sergio Leone 1984 “Once upon time in America” filmed in Excelsior’s beautiful Hall of Mirrors, including the restaurant sequence where Robert De Niro invites Elizabeth McGovern to dinner.

However, very recently Paolo Sorrentino Some of the most famous scenes in the second season of the successful television series The New Pope take place on the beach of the Excelsior Hotel. The main character is adorable Jude Lawin the role of the Pope, who defiantly crosses the wooden passage of the hotel in a skimpy white papal costume, and around him you can see girls in bikinis.

Movies filmed in hotels

In the history of cinema movies filmed in hotels they are numerous. Someone remembers What year was The Grand Hotel filmed? A 1932 film by Edmund Goulding based on the novel The Men in the Hotel by Vicki Baum. Berlin. Protagonists Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo compete for all the shots, and the work is presented at the very first Venice Film Festival, which takes place at the Grand Hotel Excelsior in Venice.

And where was the film “Grand Hotel Excelsior” with Adriano Celentano filmed? Not in Laguna, but between Stresa, at the Regina Palace Hotel.” Romeat the Westin Excelsior.

Hotel Excelsior Venice: history

There History of the Hotel Excelsior in Venice it starts in 1907 when the architect designed it John Sardis on the embankment of Guglielmo Marconi. Built in record time, it was opened the following year with a grand ceremony. In 1914 Stucco roomi, on the ground floor terrace and in the building, exhibitions of artists excluded from Biennale contemporary art.

Above thirtieshence becomes Venue of the Venice International Film Festival and sees the opening casino. In 1966, Excelsior was damaged by a devastating flood that hit Venice and was subsequently extensively reconstructed.

ABOUT how many rooms in hotel excelsior, 196, inspired by the Moorish style, which can also be seen in the courtyard. Today the hotel is called Excelsior Hotel Venice Lido Resort and from belonging to the Sheraton hotel chain, he moved to the management of Westin.

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Building style

ABOUT palace styleoccupying four floors, we can say that this is an eclectic work, reminiscent of Average age And world Arab in the same time. Basically, we have a building in the typical Venetian-Byzantine style with brick exterior walls, three-post windows, multi-leaf windows, roof terraces, towers and everything. decorated from mosaic on a golden background. Artists such as Umberto Bellotto, Castagnaro, Broche, Carbonaro and others intervened to create ornaments.

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