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Bandeau bikinis in FashionOut’s post: the most popular brands and models of 2023

Summer brings with it many fashions and trends related to beachwear. in fact, there are many female swimsuit model And Male, launched by various brands in the market. Some models are a repetition of the past, others are a pleasant novelty. One of the most popular models this summer is the bandeau bikini.

What is bandeau bikini?

Bandeau bikini is a model of female swimsuit that does not include straps and laces To support the female breast. In such a situation, their use prevents the formation of marks on the shoulders and the tan is uniform. For this reason there are many women who choose this model of bikini.

There are various models of bandeau bikinis available in the market: let us see which are the trendiest and most sought after brands in this post of FashionOut. Welcome back to our portal!

high-end bikini

high-end bikini It is a model that accentuates the neckline due to its wider upper band than a traditional bikini.

Ideal for women with bust size above 3, provides optimum support to the chest and ensures comfort and safety.

braided detail bikini

If you want to stand out at the beach and grab attention with a unique style, then i bikini with bandeau and braided detail They are the perfect choice for you. Thanks to the creative knitting featured on the top band, these bikinis make An original and attractive look. This particular detail can be made from a variety of fabrics or through the use of ribbons and laces.

mermaid style bikini

This is undoubtedly the most romantic model: If you want to be a cute mermaid on the beach, I Mermaid Style Bandeau Bikini They are the perfect choice for you. This model is inspired by the magic of mermaids and offers a romantic and feminine look: The round and well-defined cups of these bikinis, in fact, make harmonious silhouetteAdapts to all breast sizes.

For a swimsuit that will make you feel glamorous and confident, you can do nothing wrong with a mermaid bandeau bikini.


most preferred brands of 2023

It’s time to discover the most popular swimwear brands of 2023, which also feature bandeau bikini models in their beach collections. Keep reading our in-depth analysis dedicated to women’s beachwear!

la reveche

la reveche The iconic Bando is an Italian brand of bikinis, known for its Made in Italy excellence. Because of the artistic attention paid to every detail, their swimwear is one of a kind. Bikini made with care using high quality fabrics la reveche They provide originality to the design and make you feel exclusive and fashionable.

Tropics of C

Type Tropics of Ccreated by Candice Swanepoelmodel and angel Victoria’s SecretKnown for its commitment to the environment and a young and trendy style. Tropic of the Sea bikinis loved by celebrities and influencers, is also gaining popularity on Instagram. wearing a bikini Tropics of C It means embracing sustainable fashion and contributing to a better future for the planet.


Yummy Well known brand for latest fashion lingerie and swimwear. Yamame’s bandeau bikini is very popular among hourglass shaped women, it also offers models for plus sizes and one-piece swimsuits.

The quality fabric and adorable prints make the Yamame bikini unique and loved by all.


Lido is the ideal brand for those looking for minimal yet impactful swimwear. Established in 2017 by Designer Daria StankiewiczThe brand name is derived from the lagoon coast of origin.

Lido swimwear is known for its simplicity and neutral tones, which suit all body types.

bikini lover

bikini loverAn Italian brand with an aesthetic inspired by the Californian dream, a celebrity favorite. Thanks to cutting-edge fabric research, their swimsuits are globally recognizable as a staple in the summer wardrobes of models of caliber. Kylie Jenner and beautiful kourtney kardashian,

bandu bikini

Our in-depth study dedicated to one of the most popular women’s swimsuit models ends here. See you next time with another FashionOut post!

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