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Housemarque CEO: “Other big players in the industry were also interested in buying us.”

Housemargue was recently acquired by Sony and became part of PlayStation Studios, however, according to Finnish studio CEO Ilari Kuittinen, Sony was not the only company interested in buying – several other large companies have also expressed interest in the development studio.

“These were the main players in the industry from China, Sweden and the United States. I have to say that we went through an unusual spring, and the fact that they competed for us even seems a little surreal. “

Kuittinen added:

“This deal gives us the financial freedom to grow the company towards the best game studios in the world. This allows us to create new gaming experiences that are even larger and more ambitious. “

Major players from the aforementioned countries could possibly be Tencent, Embracer Group (formerly Nordic), and possibly Microsoft.

The terms of the deal between Sony and Housemargue, including the purchase price, were not disclosed due to contractual obligations.

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