How archival fashion has rediscovered Zanotis

“Don’t step on my damn Xanotis!” Sing nicki minaj In i’m legalA song released in 2012 that is still incomparably notorious on social media, with over 300,000 videos TIC Toc, as well as shoes Joseph zanotti Has inspired rappers and hip-hop artists for his songwriting, Zanotti sneakers and his signature zip They were born out of the admiration the designer has always felt for the world of music, a detail that today takes on greater value as it is strongly linked to a vintage aesthetic.

While a new generation of stars and influencers are determined to chart a new path GZ94As jake marcelo And Aurora Among the skyscrapers of New York, canaan beaten on the streets of London federico spinas For those in Milan, the archives are dusting off images of the fashion buffs and celebrities who have graced the world’s most important catwalks with their signatures, such as kanye, mother of jesus, Justin Biber, 50 centsit is still travis scott, jay zee And Rihanna, reminding your audience Cooperation Liked by most iconic, acclaimed creators lil jupiter, stored dreams And sunny Retrace the history of Zanotti sneakers and heels through moments that seem to have happened only a few years ago, but which now represent fashion history. And if they were once paired with low-waisted skinny jeans, mesh sheath dresses, wide-brimmed hats and skinny leather jackets, today Gen Z prefers baggy jeans, elegant Enjoy playing with Zanotti’s style in suits and parachute pants. The spirit that has made these shoes as iconic today as ever.

Zanotti’s collaborations, which have gained immense popularity in the archival fashion world today – not surprisingly – are all part of rap world: First Together of 2012 Kanye WestA pair of embellished stiletto heels by pearl necklace wrapped in exclusive designs, followed by a pair of stilettos in 2015 graceful golden wings, Total White or Silver, in reference to Yeh’s album, released that summer. cruel Summer, Ultimately, the sneakers created by Zanotti in 2015 and inspired by the style of kid Cudi, a pair of red high-tops featuring large super soft Velcro straps and the designer’s signature in metal on the tongue. Visit the site to learn more


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