How are the sons of Jessica Simpson?


How are the sons of Jessica Simpson?

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Jessica Simpson just show the first photos of his baby girl

This Tuesday, owners of the famous have to do with their babies. Jessica Simpson, just showing off the first photos of his baby girl newborn, while the mexican singer Joy Huerta revealed the sex of the expected child with his wife, after announcing that you live a relationship with a woman.

Also, Shakira, and Chiquis Rivera are causing an uproar in the network. The first, after revealing a secret that has something to do with the singer Beyonce, and the second, after pose to the natural, without a single drop of makeup.

On the other hand, it came to light the romance of a couple of the world of the soap operas that went from fiction to real life.

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1. Jessica Simpson boasts the first photos of his baby girl newborn

Jessica Simpson is not changed by anyone after the recent birth of their third child: a beautiful baby girl.

And just a few days after the small Mae Johnson was brought into the world, the proud mother wanted to present it officially in society and shared in its account of Instagram several photos of the baby.

“The newly-born Mae”, was the comment with which the interpreter taught the first images of the baby, who is precious.

The photographs, which also shows the other two sons of Jessica and her husband, they managed more than 500 thousand ‘likes’ in just a few hours.

2. Actors My Husband has more family-fell in love in real life

There have been many cases of actors who transgress the fiction and leads the romance of their characters to real life. And in the recordings of the soap opera “My husband has more family”, Cupid was up to his with a beautiful balance.

Jade Fraser, who played Linda and Gonzalo Vega, the actor who gave life to Alex, they were the couple in the story, and with the pace of the day was being born between them a real love.

“Working with Gonzalo Vega was pretty cool. He is the father before you reach the scene to talk with your partner and tell him ‘hey what do you think if we do this, or if we do the other thing?’ and I think that is a blessing and Gonzalo was very parent to be able to have that freedom and safety to say what that we could get to work and do on the screen,” said Jade in a dialogue with People in Spanish, some months ago, when you kept the romance a secret, which unfortunately ended soon after that ended the melodrama.

3. The moment you throw a lemon to Ariana Grande at Coachella

The weekend Ariana Grande closed with a flourish of the music festival Coachella, and although the audience was very satisfied with the presentation of the young girl, an incident tarnished the moment: the singer received a lemon that launched him someone from the public.

Although the artist tried to handle the incident with great professionalism, many of his followers were upset with the aggressive gesture and the video that was captured the unpleasant moment, just to get out to the public light, generating all kinds of reactions.

In the clip, is seen as the singer is attacked with the fruit, which by the amount of people we had in place it is not known who threw it.

4. Chiquis Rivera is shown without a drop of makeup

Chiquis Rivera is used to detractors criticize him cruelly every time he makes any thing, but this time the singer received only praise, after taking the risk to pose without a drop of makeup.

The daughter of the late Jenni Rivera shared a snapshot on his account of Instagram, where it looks with a clean face and a towel on the head, taking a break, while applying a cream that she loves.

“I love the glow and the hydration of our NEW ‘Rose illuminating Face Balm’, because I stroll skin @beflawlessskin,” said the interpreter, who at 33 years of age has a perfect complexion.

5. Shakira reveals one of its great secrets

Shakira has just revealed one of his biggest secret, something that apparently has worked great every time he poses on the side of taller people.

The colombian, who have a stature of 5’2, usually does not look so small in his photographic studies, nor in the event you go or when you are on top of a stage. And although, of course, in such situations, recourse to their shoes or boots, high-heels, he confessed that when he is next to people of greater stature, the leaves behind in order to cause an elongation effect.

“To look more high you have to put always in the first row of a picture,” said the barranquilla on your account of Instagram, where he shared a photograph in which it looks, accompanied by her choreographer, who is located behind the singer, it makes Shakira look higher than it actually is. “This lesson on basic perspective I learned from Beyoncé, rolling “Beautiful Liar. @theannakaiser @theaktstudios”.

BONUS. After exiting the closet, Joy Huerta reveals the sex of her baby

Few days ago the singer Joy Huerta, of the duo Jesse & Joy, took them by surprise to his audience, after announcing that he had decided to make his life with a woman, who is expecting their first baby. And in the midst of the rollercoaster that has generated the news, the mexican defended his action and announced that is expecting a girl and that pregnancy is going by the third month.

“I think that all your time and the form has been given, very natura… My private life is very personal and what I can share,” said the singer, in dialogue with the program The Fat and the Skinny. “Love is love in any possible way. Would not that be something to hide. Hidden I have never been. I’ve been in a relationship for seven years.