How Argentines can stay for free at the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Those wishing to travel to Qatar must be vaccinated against the coronavirus (Reuters)
Those wishing to travel to Qatar must be vaccinated against the coronavirus (Reuters)

On November 21, 2022 the opening of the Qatar World Cup and almost a year to that time, Argentina is one of the 13 teams that has already qualified for the tournament. That is why, those who want to see the team of Lionel messi in action they must already begin to plan how they will be there and be part of what will be a unique experience.

In this context, an unprecedented opportunity has arisen for those whose finances prevent them from spending too much money. Obviously, the option of staying in luxury hotels or even modern cruise ships that will be moored in the port of Dubai is tempting for anyone, but not too accessible. Therefore, those who wish may use the program Host a Fan.

Imitating the couchsurfing used by hundreds of thousands of travelers around the globe, Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Organization and Legacy (SC) reported in September that This new system was launched that will allow tourists to sleep in the homes of Qatari families for free. “The initiative Host a Fan is part of the SC’s strategy to provide fans visiting Qatar with a variety of culturally rich accommodation options. This unique approach will not only allow fans to stay in one place for the entire tournament, but will also allow them to experience Qatari culture through the eyes of a local, ”reported at the time Khalid Al-Jumaily, manager of Initiative projects in SC.

The SC was created in 2011 and “is responsible for working with national stakeholders to provide essential infrastructure and services, and to ensure that the World Cup leaves a significant legacy in Qatar and the wider region, using the power of football. to promote sustainable economic, educational and social development ”, according to the official FIFA website.

Qatar prepares to receive hundreds of thousands of tourists (Reuters)
Qatar prepares to receive hundreds of thousands of tourists (Reuters)

Basically Host a Fan allows Qatari families who wish to, open their doors to tourists to settle there for as long as they consider and that must be previously agreed by both parties. “It’s about giving the warmest welcome and showing the best of our nation,” highlights the program site.

Fans can now sign up for the website official in which they will have to upload their data, register and then wait to be contacted. The only condition is to be over 18 years old. The most important thing to know is that this is completely free. That is, Qatari families will not receive money for offering their houses and fans will not have to pay to stay there. Obviously, the program only includes accommodation, that is, food and transfers will be provided by the fans, unless their hosts decide to take care of that as well.

The objective of Host a Fan is for tourists to get to know some Qatari hospitality and immerse themselves in the culture of the Middle East for the duration of the World Cup 2022. Thus, during their stay in that nation they will not only enjoy the best football in the world, but also a unique experience that may convince them to return there on another occasion.

In this way, the program has become in the cheapest way that fans from all over the world will find to stay during the event which will be held from November 21 to December 18, 2022.

It is worth remembering that so far the only requirement that tourists must meet is to be inoculated against the coronavirus: “Qatar will not allow fans who are not fully vaccinated to enter its stadiums”, reported the Prime Minister, Sheikh Khaled ben Khalifa al-Thani, in June this year, when he also announced that the Arab nation will buy a million doses to supply those fans who, for reasons that exceed them, have not been vaccinated in their countries.

So far there are 13 selected that have already qualified: Qatar, for being a host, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, France, England, Serbia, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The two places for Conmebol and the playoffs, the three for the play-offs in Europe and the rest of the Confederations, have yet to be defined.


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