How beautiful Suri Cruise is at 15! Tom Cruise refuses to see her for religious reasons

Tom Cruise, 58, is the father of three children and an acclaimed actor in his guild. Cruise has an enviable career, but his personal life is far from harmonious. He was married to Katie Holmes for six years, and in 2006 his daughter, Suri, was born, whom she has refused to see for nearly 8 years for religious reasons. According to the British press, his last contact with Suri was in 2013, a few months after he divorced Katie Holmes.

On Sunday, April 18, Suri turned 15, but she did not see the famous father for many years, due to his beliefs and the fact that the Church of Scientology imposes a series of very strict rules, which the actor he respects them with holiness. One of the rules would be family separation if one of the members decides to leave this faith, as Katie Holmes did. Suri celebrated her day with an ice cream, with some friends, as can be seen from the images captured by photos from across the ocean. The teenager is gorgeous, she has the delicacy of her mother, but she also inherited the features of her famous father.

Why Tom Cruise has been refusing to contact his nearly 8-year-old daughter

The reason Tom Cruise broke up with the girl is religion. The actor is a follower of the Church of Scientology, and its leaders would be forbidden to see Suri again. Tom is a loyal Scientologist, and when church leaders told him he could not see Suri, he did not contest the decision. Tom is the most fervent Scientologist on the planet, but it is outrageous that he was forced to break ties with his own child “, a relative of the Hollywood star would have declared, according to the Star publication.

Tom Cruise, three wives

Tom Cruise married Mimi Rogers when she was 31 in May 1987. They separated when the actress was 33 in 1990.

He paid her $ 12 million after the divorce. The marriage with Nicole Kidman lasted 10 years, and the two have two children together, Conner, who is 17, and Bella, 19. The two divorced in 2001, when she was also 33 years old. The actress received $ 35 million after the breakup. He divorced Katie Holmes in 2012.

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