how can they cast away and in the middle of the street!


You need very little to directly exercise of pirómana of social networks. Sommer Ray that is the real burner of Instagram, it is sufficient that upload a photo risquea video full of explosive, so that the popular platform to explode in a thousand pieces with comments and likes referring to your post.

Some have the label of the drug, since there are not a few who follow in your footsteps waiting for you every day a new crazy and, of course, an outfit in which to get lost among its curves, which have brought him to the first position influecers relating to the fitness of the entire planetwell ahead of the Jen Selter or Michelle Lewin.

The american has left us material of all shapes and colors. In addition, we can now see facets of your life and to get to know better with new content, in format, in video, of interviews that teach us their way of thinking and acting about your adventures and how you have to deal with in their day-to-day your fame. Also, of course, we have seen showing off its shapes and lines, voluptuous through mini dresses, small bikinis and thongs or lingerie. A classic of its wall

But it is provocation… little clothing, a rearguard legendary and a few green eyes that look beyond our body. This time it started with a piece safety pin: sports a look very casual with a tights tight, a t-shirt with a sexy neckline and a pair of headphones in which you listen to music. The model bounces and sings to the rhythm of the melody that sounds in your device and, of course, everything in it also rumbles and jumps… The four million reproductions they speak of the hypnotic situation: a parking, summer night and Sommer Ray jumping and singing with their anatomy in line. Who gives more for less?… already has close to 22 million followers.