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How Crocs Have Become The Most Popular Clogs

Yes OK Crocs he worked hard to shed his anti-fashion reputation, is winning by leaning once more towards weirdness. Crocs is no longer the proud outcast, he’s more like the weird kid everyone is glad to see at parties. Crocs HQ eliminates all the rules and red tape when working with traditional shoe companies. A collaboration of Crocs with KFC not only looks like a chicken cube, it includes Jibbitz which actually they smell chicken. To their Crocs, Nicole McLaughlin He was able to hold some ropes, a small work light, a bag, and standing nylon sacks to put his feet in. “We believe that has been our formula for success,” explains Poole. “We don’t usually play it safe.”

Courtesy of Crocs

That freedom is what attracted Salehe Bembury, the successful former Yeezy and Versace designer who now produces his own coveted collaborations, to Crocs. While most shoe brands ask collaborators to modify existing models, Bembury was able to design one completely new version of the crocs clog right from the start. “It’s really cool that they brought a product to market that for the first maybe 10 years was kind of like a laugh and seen as a joke,” says Bembury. “Now he takes it as seriously as Chuck Taylor. It’s that iconic “.

Part of what attracted Bembury to Crocs was the opportunity to be a part of what he considers the latest wave of footwear. The pandemic seems to have permanently helped people to appreciate the more comfortable things in life. Dress shoe sales fell off a cliff, while sales of slippers and clogs went up 70% and 22% in the same category, according to NPD data.

Bembury sees a complete set of shoes that lead a slip-on rubber footwear movement: the Yeezy Wave Runner, the Puddle sandals by Bottega Veneta, the slip-ons by Alyx and the Hydro Moc by Merrell. What do all those shoes have in common? They are deeply indebted to Crocs. Bembury hopes that when we look back at this age of footwear, we will remember their Crocs design alongside these other pandemic-fit shoes.

This move toward comfort is what Poole turns to when I ask her if she’s ready to declare that the Crocs makeover is complete.

Are Crocs clogs in fashion now? I ask him.

Poole pauses before answering. “I think I would go back to what I said, which is that the naturalness, ease and comfort are great“.

She’s reluctant to call them great, she explains, because it’s not really her place to say so. “I personally cringe when … I think if you describe yourself as great, you clearly are not.” So if alright Crocs may no longer be the eccentric outcast, he understands that there is still appeal in weirdness.

* This article was originally published in the US edition of GQ.

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