How cute, Gen Z who (re)discovers “Certe Notti” by Ligabue

Nearly thirty years later, some nights the car is still hot and decides where to take you. the patience that the radio no longer plays Neil Young, but Colors’ Italodisco, Dua Lipa’s Dance All Night, or Fedez’s Disco Paradise, Annalize and Article 31.. The appointment is not at Mario’s bar, but elsewhere:See you on TikTok sooner or later“. When it happened, we got distracted and didn’t notice it. Suddenly Generation Z (re)discovers Ligabu. AND “Several nights”, twenty-eight years after its release, comes as a surprise. one of the slogans – social – this summerto conquer

#1 on TikTok trending chartthe reference social network for the under 25. Transcending – it’s true – the hits of the moment, from “Vetri neri” Ava, Anna and Capo Plaza to “Bellissimissima” Alfa, passing through “Italodisco” Kolors and “Fashion by Drillionaire. Possible? Yes, perhaps .

There are no digital gimmicks or magicians behind the “Some Nights” revival: it’s all thanks to trend party on TikTok – rebuilding is like looking for a needle in a haystack: their number exceeds 15 thousand videos shared only in the last few hours on the platform where the song is used – with verses of lyrics in which the rocker from Correggio sang about those wounds that some friend must disinfectand certainly not referring to hydrogen peroxide, which twenty-eight years later became the ideal video for best friends. “Everything is very gentle. But who told him that by “friend” he meant someone with whom…?” someone jokes on social media.

Years go by, generations change, but one way or another, Ligabue continues to be a musical gymnasium of teenagers, the one who sang and told youth best of all in his songs, when there was no technology and the hearts of young people were really beating, while today’s do not realize it because they are too busy looking at their smartphones and exchanging digital hearts. When he burst onto the scene in the early 90s, he embodied the short circuit: could a singer-songwriter who started out with a guitar over his shoulder from industrious and working province of Emilianof which in the first entries he offered

compelling and captivating portraitwith the desire to be Bruce Springsteen Correggio (it was discovered by Pierangelo Bertoli, who recorded his “Sogni di rock’n’roll” and “Figlio d’un cane” before Ligabu himself appropriated them), electrocuted in Via Emilia by Pier Vittorio Tondelliplease in girls? Yes, I could. From “Little star without a sky(“You’ll burn yourself / skyless star / you’re showing yourself / we’ll be fascinated as you burst into flight”) to “I removed(“I put quite a lot of things / but I never understand why / I can’t put you off”), some of his poems soon became ideal for dedications on asphalt or on the walls of provincial roadssongs guitar classics in the oratorio or on the beach which, nevertheless, allowed him to become a representative of a generation and a symbol of a particular style of rock songwriting.

Such success eventually forced him out, and he himself said this when the album of the same “Certe Notti” came out, “Happy birthday Elvis(which for many, even after almost thirty years, continues to be one of his best works), surpassed million copies sold back in the days when records were sold, not streamed:I found myself having to deal with all this popularity: I ended up feeling uncomfortable.“. This depression inspiredAverage life”: “I thought it would be right to testify to the disorientation I was experiencing.”

In addition to the life of a midfielder, there is in the center to recover balls. Luciano Ligabue da Correggio lived his life and career as a midfielder. On the other hand, he sang it: “The road does not count, the main thing is to feel that you are going.” And he never stopped, recording – after “Life of a Linebacker”, “Miss Mondo” – seven more records (and five live ones, as well as publishing three collections), collecting more than twenty-five tours, writing songs for others, making three films, writing seven books and even a co-author of a musical (“Balliamo sul mondo”, based on his songs and staged in 2019 by Chiara Nochese). TO .Campovolo In 2005, the year of “Name and Surname”, the record “Il giorno dei giorni”, “Le donne lo dono” and “Happy hour” launched the era of big gatherings, selling more 165 thousand tickets sold. A feat he will attempt to repeat in 2011 and again in 2015 before allowing himself to return to Campovolo last year to celebrate his thirty-year career in front of more than 100,000 fans.

It’s been a long time since fans listened objectively to a record like “Happy Birthday Elvis”., but that doesn’t matter: the important thing is that while others started chasing the trends of the moment, at the risk of not being very believable, he remained consistent with himself. And who knows if he will make up for it with the new album “Dedicato a noi”, which is due out on September 22 (he will present it with an arena tour starting on October 14 in Turin after two concerts on September 9 and 10). October at the Arena di Verona), prefaced by the single “you will laugh“and from”Just the way You Are”, the premiere of the latter took place on the occasion of two concerts that marked it

to return to the stadiums of Milan and Rome after stripping naked in 2019 and admitting: “In some stadiums on this tour, the attendance of the public is below the agency’s forecasts.” When the record company decided to use “Certe nott” as the launch for “Happy Birthday Elvis” in 1995, Ligabu was impressed. He did not think that this work had the devil knows what potential. Twenty-eight years later, the car is still hot: “This song had a power that even I didn’t know how to recognize, but luckily it had that power and produced what it produced.“.

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