How Did He Do It? Rapper Nelly Sold His Abandoned Mansion in Just One Week

Rapper Nelly got rid of his Missouri mansion in just seven days.

Texan rapper Nelly, 46, accomplished what few celebrities can boast of, selling his abandoned St. Louis, Missouri mansion in just one week, while others may spend months or even years trying to get rid of their properties.

The singer, whose real name is Cornell Haynes Jr., launched the residence on the market on February 11, and on the 18th he already had a new owner.

The reason why the interpreter of ‘Dilemma’ would have disposed of his property so quickly is due to its low price since he offered it for only $ 599,000 dollars when its real cost must have been around $ 1.5 million dollars.

Despite having obtained the mansion at a great price, the new owner, whose identity has not been disclosed, will have to make a strong initial investment, since the property does not have plumbing or floors, and it needs a drastic remodeling. in several of its rooms.

The mansion, built-in 1998, is located in the community of Wilwood, about 30 minutes west of San Luis, and was bought by Nelly, in 2002, after shelling out about $ 2 million.

It is 10,799 square feet in size and sits on nearly 12 acres.

It has six bedrooms, six full bathrooms, a half bathroom, hall, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, games room, TV room, laundry room, balconies, garage for three vehicles, among other rooms.

Outside it has a basketball court, with extensive green areas and with beautiful views of the Meramec River.

The rapper acquired the house in order to transform and remodel it with the help of a developer friend, but it all remained a simple project and good intentions.