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How did Polka-Dot Man fare in the comics? – Spoiler Time

I don’t know about you, but for many of us we saw The Suicide Squad the colorful Polka-Dot Man was a very welcome addition to the DCEU. Played by the actor David dastmalchian, Polka-Dot Man or what is it really called, Abner krill, had its important moments in the movie of DCEU; Until his death he was impressive not because of how it happened but because we had already grown fond of him. But in the comics it is not like that … His participation in the original material is sadder than his appearance.

Let’s see.

Abner krill was just one of the many villains of Batman of the Silver age from the comics, popping up sporadically over the years 60 and 70. Wearing a multi-colored suit that contained a variety of gadgets, Polka-Dot Man began a series of crimes being defeated when Batman He threw a globe at his feet, causing him to stumble. Sad no?

Considered a character failure by many, the arrival of Krill to fame went by suing a corrupt police officer from Gotham city that he beat him so badly that he was forced to enter the hospital. Desperate for respect Krill joined the general’s army Immortus on Final Crisis Aftermath: Run along with other C-list villains like Human Flame, Sportsmaster and Condiment King. While each villain was equipped with the advanced technology of Immortus, it didn’t help much. When Human Flame betrayed the rest of the group and used his fire powers in the streets of Gotham, a manhole cover shot up from the ground and fell on the head of Polka-Dot Man, killing him instantly. He received no praise and left no friends or family.

James Gunn pays homage to this horrible ending of the character in his movie The Suicide Squad, although it gives to Polka-Dot Man a little more dignity. After motivation by Bloodsport, Polka-Dot Man Unleash a blast of moles on the villain, severely damaging the space starfish. While Polka-Dot Man he exclaims triumphantly “I’m a superhero!” and smiles for the first time in the film, the villain of the film raises one of his “arms” and brutally hits Abner. Of the main characters of Task Force X from Amanda waller, he is the last to die.

Polka-Dot Man He was known as one of the silliest and most ridiculous characters in comics. In fact, James Gunn decided to use the character while searching for forgotten and ineffective villains from list C. Ok, it ended badly, but better, deep down.

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