How do I know if I have received a DGT fine from my mobile phone within a minute?

Fines are one of the concerns that drivers have when they commit some illegal act while driving. However, depending on the violation, fines are not immediately effective and notices may take several months to reach our homes.Well, for The ‘miDGT’ app makes it easy to check if you have been fined and even pay on the spot.

The General Administration of Transport released an application in 2020, in which, in addition to consulting or paying a fine, you can also bring your driving license or vehicle documents. Additionally, you can request an appointment to make appropriate arrangements with the DGT.

How do I know if I have been fined?

Once you download the DGT app, it’s very simple. You just need to follow the steps below.

  • To enter the application we must verify our identity using a Cl@ave Pin or a digital certificate
  • Once inside the application we will display the menu by pressing the icon with three stripes at the top
  • When the menu appears we will click on the “My Fines” section
  • In this section we will have two sections “Pending” and “Paid”
  • In “Pending” the details of the fine will be displayed and we can start the payment process
  • If you know you have been fined and the fine has not yet appeared, the app allows you to pay it by pressing the “My fine has not yet appeared” button

Other services of the “miDGT” application

This DGT app allows you to carry official documents with you and access data like DGT exam notes. On its initial screen, once recognized, it displays the total number of points remaining on your driving license.

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Additionally, you can display your driver’s license as an official document by pressing the “View My License” button. You can also get the vehicle’s registration certificate and technical data sheet.

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