How do you do a cover page of the fashion magazine Vogue?


Irina Shayk goes from white to black, literally. In the two covers has starred for Vogue Mexico and Latin america, showed that power chameleon in this installment of File Voguewritten by the editor-in-chief of Vogue, Enrique Torres Meixueiro, is explored.

How were the covers of Irina Shayk?

The first time I heard talk about Irina Shayk it was precisely in the halls of Vogue. One morning ordinary, my best friend shared with me via WhatsApp the result of one of the jobs that he had performed as assistant of styling, in the production of a video with the lingerie brand Agent Provocateurdirected by Penélope Cruz in Madrid. I could not be more excited by your effort and the great quality of work.

Narrating briefly the video, a young mechanic –played by the Spanish actor Miguel Ángel Silvestre– dreams that he is invited to an exclusive property that is occupied by models spectacular around the pool in provocative lingerie. Among all these sensual beings, stresses one in particular. A statuesque woman with green eyes look feline, who in a suggestive black lace seduces the young dreamer with his mesmerizing gaze. `Who is the main model?, I asked. When you search for it on Google, the name was already a trend: Irina Shayk. Do you believe in coincidence? I personally do not, but this name in a couple of months was to become the name of the cover of Vogue January 2014.

Irina Shayk on the cover of Vogue January 2014.

© Vogue Mexico.

Anxiously awaiting the outcome of the production carried out with Irina, having worked my friend with it, since the felt family. This affection, this was followed by the novelty that would be commissioned to write fashion cover, a task which I performed for four consecutive years. When you open the file of the images of the cover, Irina lucia different to the provocative Irina that I met months ago. The concept of the stylist was to take it to the field of minimalism, wearing one of the trends favorite Winter 2014the white color in the total look. At first I was disappointed in the result; however, as I was structuring the narrative of the fashion, I remembered the forefront of fashion nippon and designers that spearheaded: Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake, all coinciding with the color white as the flag and the silhouettes unstructured in their proposals. The Irina of that sequence of images cover became in a couple of minutes on one of my muses favorites to write a story linked to fashion and history, two of my favorite subjects.

Image of the interior of the story with Irina Shayk.

© Vogue Mexico.

Three years passed for Irina and I, we met again in the pages of Vogue. On this second occasion, we seek the option of two cover stories for the edition of Mexico, and another for editing Latin american, something that was unusual, but that what we were meditating and it was time to do so. The name Irina is introduced almost at the beginning of the closure, so that I remember that this was one of the stories faster to run and be edited to be able to reach the closure of issue, a date that many mexicans we will not forget. I speak of the September 19, 2017, the date that marked one of the earthquakes most violent in the history of Mexico.

A jewel of the desert: Irina on Vogue October 2017.

© Vogue Mexico

A day before the final closure, which culminated with the reading of plotters, had on my screen the result of the fashion. Irina seemed like a goddess of the desert, that remembrance of the provocative Irina came to my mind, but in a more sophisticated way. Irina was proposed metallic Winter 2017 with diamonds, and challenged the desert as a Cleopatra in the TWENTY-first century. Jewel of the desert was the name with which I titled this story. The next day, they arrived in the top end, sheets of thick paper with the final images. On my desk was the final story Irina Shayk –literally– flashed, the clothes are stuck to her statuesque body, and the sequence of images was shocking. Shortly before the end of reviewing the story, a strong jolt put all of your foot, in a few seconds, chaos ensued in the hallways, while a strong seismic movement was terrified to the Mexico city and other states of the country. An unforgettable date with a protagonist of cover that you will hardly forget.

Irina led the trend of the metallic Vogue October 2017, a special edition for those of us who work in The Fashion Bible.

© Vogue Mexico.