How do you keep your candles in perfect condition?

In addition to being a widely used spiritual symbol, candles are also a great helper in giving our spaces a more pleasant atmosphere, which is why we offer you 10 tips to keep your candles in perfect condition and enjoy them longer.

These tips will help you keep your candles in perfect condition and be able to preserve them better.

Tips for keeping your candles looking their best

1. When using a candle for the first time, please let it burn for a few hours. It is recommended to wait until the top layer of wax is completely melted. This prevents holes from forming around the wick.

2. Use a candle for the first time no later than two months after purchase to prevent it from losing its properties, if scented.

3. Freeze candles for a few hours before first use. This will help the wax burn more slowly, or it will do so every time you stop using it and light it again.

4. Burn the candle for a long time. If you can’t turn it on for at least 30 minutes, it’s best not to turn it on at all. Opening for short periods of 10 minutes may result in irregular wax consumption and the formation of grooves in the wax.

5. Trim candle wicks regularly. You don’t have to do this every time, but you must do it frequently to prevent it from darkening or the candle’s glass from overheating. The ideal length of the wick is 3 to 5 mm.

These are the things you should pay attention to when using candles

6. Always place the candle on its base before placing it on a glass, wood or marble surface.

7. Make sure the candle is lit away from drafts or flammable materials.

8. Avoid moving the candle when it is lit or just after blowing it out as the liquid wax can easily spill.

9. Use candle snips or lids to extinguish candles, which removes oxygen and prevents smelly black smoke. If you blow on it to extinguish it, the tip of the wick may form a pattern if it is cotton.

10. After extinguishing, make sure the wick remains straight and centered. Doing this while the candle is still hot will prevent the candle from cracking. This way, the candle will burn evenly.

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