How does green tea work for weight loss?Nutritionist explains how to take to speed up metabolism

in the suggestion to carry healthy lifestyle or what to include in your diet for weight loss, infusion ideas Indispensable drinks in our daily lifeNo matter what our goal is. created an entire culture around them because, generally speaking, They’re healthy, full of benefits, and many help with weight loss.We have analyzed some very interesting teas such as bay leaf tea or peppermint tea, but one is king of teaand not just because of its popularity: we’re talking about green tea.

this is one of the drinks healthiest on earth It can be found in any supermarket and herbal is from Plants full of attributesabout which books have been written, and a great deal of investigation has been done, because while there are no “miracle” cures, sometimes it is hard to believe how So simple to drink and easy to prepare thereby having a positive effect on the body. but, What do we know about green tea? Does it help with weight loss and speed up metabolism? We analyze the efficacy of this infusion together with experts.

10 Infusions to Lose Weight and Flat Belly

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