How does Kylie Jenner spend a day with Stormi?

How does Kylie Jenner spend a typical mother-daughter day with baby Stormi? Here’s what they did together!

Maybe our shopping days with mom weren’t so fun, but they still give us so many wonderful memories. One day it’ll be the same for little Stormy Daughter of Kylie Jenner. But do you know how a “typical” mother-daughter day goes between them? Kylie posted a video on TikTok showing what they did in one day, let’s find out together!

At first they went together, because Goals! There they bought shoes and a backpack for little Stormy. Then Stormy also decided to buy the game. What happened next will touch you! Kylie Jenner and the kid decided fill the cart with toys that you can donate to less fortunate children. The girl did not spare the money, the cart arrived at the checkout almost full to capacity. Then Kylie told her daughter that she was very proud of her! How not to be when your daughter, still so young, is already thinking about those who do not have as many opportunities as her!

The day is full of good deeds, as promised at the beginning of the video, more ended up with a well deserved ice cream in good company Between Kylie Jenner and her little Stormy. What do you think of their Mother and Daughter Day? Of course, it was very productive and joyful both for them and for the children who received the toys!

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