How Does Your Body Warn You Before Cardiopulmonary Arrest?

Adults over the age of 30 can become prone to cardiopulmonary arrest. Given this, it is sometimes not known how to act in such emergencies.

If this happens, we have to take two actions, the first is to call 911 to activate the emergency response system, and the second is to take, very important here is to take 162 to 325 mg of aspirin. ’ says Marco Antonio González.

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According to the state’s latest death statistics, they are heart and cardiopulmonary disease According to the National Institute of Statistical Geography on its official website, the leading cause in terms of health is death.

Most Common Causes of Cardiopulmonary Arrest

suffocate, drown, Drug overdose, poisoning, pneumonia, epilepsyAmong other things, these reasons may indicate that a person may be in cardiopulmonary arrest, according to the Mexican Society of Cardiology on its website.

This first aid expert shows us A deal to save lives.

He doesn’t respond, I check his pulse, 10 seconds, 10, 9, 8, 7, we get to 1, he has no pulse, right, we start, the first rescuer stands next to the patient, we start at 100 pressure to 120 per minute, 1 2, 3 count, count, and the airway caregiver has to give oxygen at 100 percent,” the emergency room doctor said.

How to prevent this symptom?

good nutrition to maintain a healthy weightexercise regularly, manage stress Knowing how to act in these situations can save lives.

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