How Humidity Affects Hair and Tips for Coping with Humidity

this humidity, So for now, this is probably the greatest enemy from your hair.To avoid frizzy hair we offer you Skill This will keep you looking beautiful no matter what climate.

he autumn and winter they carry it with them raintransforming into something bigger humidity in the environment.if you notice you hair this indomitable Now we have the key to fighting the effects of humidity and showing off your hair, no matter what the weather climate.

How does humidity affect your hair?

Experts fresh cosmetics They claim humidity affects hair health, dry it and contributes to the appearance curly, knots and tangles. “Humidity and cold They make hair dry and frizzy more likely to ruptureso you need to contribute extra moisture and protects against sudden changes in temperature,” confirms dermatologist Javier Pedraz Muñoz.

One might wonder if ambient humidity doesn’t equal hydration as opposed to dehydration…well, no, because dehydrated hair is porous hair What are you looking for in the humidity above? lose nutrition result, It swells, it becomes rebellious Has a dull, matte look just as hairdressers describe it Eduardo Sanchez. Therefore, coastal environments and their natural humidity are ideal places for frizz to thrive.

Are there any harm in sleeping with wet hair?

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If you’re one of those people who showers before bed, we have bad news: sleep Not recommended for use on wet hair. “While sleeping with him wet hair,increased Porosity Hair, turn it a lot more vulnerable and crisp. “The hair will begin to break more easily and become more brittle,” the clinic explains. hair hospital.In addition, experts from the above-mentioned medical centers warned that excessive humidity can also cause scalp, inflammation scalp and main Sensitivity Hair related.

How to solve hair moisture problem?

Depending on where you live, your hair may not be immune to moisture.If this is you and you want healthy and strong hair, start with Meghal hair salon they have the key treat this question of humidity.

  • use specific treatment: From Mayquel they recommend betting hydrating mask At least twice a month.
  • Choose the right hairstyle: long hair It hides curls better than short hair.Additionally, weathering cuts increase waves, so Straight cut This is a better choice.
  • avoid this chemical treatment and hot: This means to throw away smooth and aggressive colorationand reduce the use of iron and Dryer.
  • choose one The right shampoo: “Choose Shampoo No salt added and contains enough nutrients and natural oils to restore your hair’s natural shine,” says Mayquel.
  • Don’t wash hair in excessive: When your hair has too much moisture, you should not wash your hair too often. Washing once a week is enough.

Tips for drying your hair after the shower and fighting frizz

After taking a shower, it is best to dry your hair with a hair dryer towel Remove moisture. To prevent frizzy hair, we have the best tips.If you rub it with your hair cotton towel, it will curl.get a towel superfine fiber and remove moisture tap lightly.

“this way traditional towel make its surface rough and Abrasive For use on hair fibers. Therefore, using a traditional towel on wet hair weakens the hair and makes it more brittle. Not to mention that friction can cause or exacerbate unwanted frizz.In addition, the superfine fiber were able absorb until eight times Its weight in water allows us to reduce the most aggressive and damaging drying methods, such as friction and blow drying,” the company’s experts reveal. Institute of Dermatology.

What can you do to keep your hair from frizzing in humid conditions?

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If you don’t want your hair rice or become frizzy due to humidity, because L’Oreal Paris They share 10 foolproof tips.

  • don’t take too long exist wash your hair: Water causes hair fibers to swell, so wash time should be reduced.
  • put on Warm water anyone cold: Hot water opens the hair cuticle and makes it curly.
  • To take a bath go through tomorrow: This way you can avoid sleeping with wet hair.
  • Moisturizing Your Hair: In addition to using hair, you must also choose products based on your hair type conditioner and Face mask Moisturize.
  • Please pay attention to the tips: Select specific products to avoid Split ends.
  • have Care when drying Your hair: Remember, you shouldn’t rub it, but touch it gently.If you don’t have a microfiber towel, use one cotton shirt.
  • use Dryer of Appropriately: Do not put it on maximum power or too close to your hair.
  • he dry shampoo It will be your best ally: it will help you space out your washes.
  • include paint In your beauty routine: It will help style your hair when the effects of humidity start to show.
  • avoid touching hair: “The only thing you can do is make it worse by letting oil on your skin, friction of finger”, they emphasized.

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