How is Boca’s dressing room after the Villa, Cardona and Zambrano scandal

After the “intoxication” of the two Colombians and the Peruvian, there was a talk from the squad and the coaching staff. Request for commitment, discomfort and less and less patience.

Scandal mouth

Worn out. This is how the relationship can be defined on the campus of a Mouth that cannot find peace. Beyond the fact that there are several players who maintain a close bond both in the dressing room and on the court, the same does not happen with Edwin Cardona, Sebastián Villa and Carlos Zambrano, central protagonists of a scandal hours before the game against Newell’s in La Bombonera.

What happened to Cardona, Villa and Zambrano, again targeted in Boca

Although no one expressed it outside, at Xeneize they understand that the three footballers committed some act of indiscipline between noon and Monday night, time that passed from the last practice until the start of the concentration in the face of the clash with Leprosy.

They suspect that during that time they ate or drank something they shouldn’t have and, in that way, I know “Intoxicated”. As they were the only ones affected by the payroll, the medical body ruled out that the problem had been generated with the food in the hotel.

Also, according to the transcended, the squad endorsed Sebastián Battaglia’s decision not to start them as planned. Apart from the scandal, the two Colombians entered a 0-0 draw for a few minutes: the winger jumped onto the pitch before the quarter hour of the complement by Exequiel Zeballos, while the midfielder did so at 19 by Eduardo Salvio.

Scandal in Boca: the gesture that was not seen from Cardona to Battaglia before going to warm up


Scandal in Boca: the gesture that was not seen from Cardona to Battaglia before going to warm up

How is Boca’s dressing room after the Villa, Cardona and Zambrano scandal

The campus xeneize he no longer hides his discontent at these acts of indiscipline. For many, what happened in the run-up to the duel with Newell’s it was the last straw because, beyond that it is a minimal fact compared to other scandals that exploded in the middle of this year, the same footballers are always involved. Accumulation of irresponsibility and general fatigue.

That is why, after the goalless equality at Alberto J. Armando, there was a talk to demand greater commitment and to reverse their attitudes. Boca will have to face the final of the Argentine Cup against Talleres and will look for the ticket to Libertadores 2022, that is why it needs everyone to pull the same side.


After Villa slammed the door and his subsequent apology, Captain Carlos Izquierdoz expressed his position at the end of September: “If the club decides that it has to rejoin, it will have to earn everyone’s trust again”. The same happened with Cardona, who made the decision to take a vacation in his country in the middle of the round of 16 against Atlético Mineiro. The Xeneize lost that series in Brazil and, from that moment, the relationship with the steering wheel was never the same.

As for the future of the two Colombians and the Peruvian, who do not usually have much contact with their companions (they move in a group together and interact with the other foreigners), it seems to be far from La Ribera. They will seek to sell Villa for a figure that satisfies the Football Council, for Cardona they will not make use of their purchase option and they do not rule out that Zambrano will go on loan to another team.

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