How Is Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker?

Lady Gaga

After the traumatic episode that Ryan Fischer experienced and the singer becoming news for the “kidnapping” of his pets, this is how the walker has progressed

Lady Gaga was in the eye of the hurricane after her dogs were robbed and her dog walker shot, while she was in Europe shooting a movie.

Now, the 30-year-old dog walker, Ryan Fischer, is at rest after the attack in which he suffered four shots to the chest, but his health has not been the best. Recently, The Daily Mail reported that the walker suffered a  collapsed lung while in recovery. Fischer heard a very strange hiss coming from his chest and subsequently his organ collapsed.

In a post that he shared through his social networks, he reported that his recovery process was being incredibly fast because in the course of days he had gone from bleeding to being an active patient and was waiting for his wounds to close completely. “Recovery is not a straight line” he wrote in his lengthy Instagram post shared on Monday.


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He was immediately readmitted to the emergency room after a doctor took X-rays to confirm that his lung was damaged. Fortunately, they managed to prevent the damage from happening to the elderly and now he was discharged again, to continue recovering at home.

“I am finding my way back to the real world and what worries me is the reality of dealing with the trauma, which goes beyond an unfortunate moment in life,” Fischer wrote in his extensive Instagram post.

After the news of Lady Gaga’s dog theft spread and the video of the moment of the attack spread, it was said that the walker was stable and recovering in the hospital, even the singer sent her best wishes and assured that he would be there for him. The singer and actress paid her worker’s medical expenses, which were  $ 97,500.


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The dogs were found and returned days after the news, the Los Angeles Police were responsible for returning them. The woman who found the animals receive a reward of $ 500,000 US dollars which offered to the artist after the incident. So far it is not known if it has already been covered.

On the other hand sources close to the interpreter of “Stupid Love” assured that Gaga wants to compensate Ryan for what happened, also for the job he has been losing and wishes him a quick and good recovery.


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