How is measles spread? MRI confirmed imported cases


One imported case, a traveler from Armenia, was confirmed in the metropolitan area.

people with measles
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Seremi de Salud of the metropolitan area confirms Case of measles in a 42-year-old patient who had traveled to Armenia Last July. The patient corresponds to an at-risk group born between 1971 and 1981 who did not receive two doses of the vaccine or develop the disease.

To this end, the authorities are conducting an epidemiological investigation Identify and vaccinate contacts of patientss, taking into account the risks of reintroducing pathology to Chile.

How is measles spread?

Measles is a highly contagious viral disease spread by: Air droplets from the nose, mouth, or throat from an infected person.

Notably, the virus in the air or on surfaces remained active and infectious for up to 2 hours.

What are the symptoms?

The first symptoms usually appear 8 to 12 days after infection and include Fever, stuffy nose, red eyes, and white spots on the inside of the cheek.

a few days later skin rash or rash It starts on the face and neck and gradually spreads to other parts of the body.

Although not a specific treatment, most patients recover within 2 or 3 weeks.However, it can lead to serious complications such as Blindness, encephalitis, severe diarrhea, ear infections, and pneumoniaEspecially malnourished children and immunocompromised patients.

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