How is the health of Yazmin Morales’ “dog” after being hospitalized in Guatemala?

Yazmin Morales

Yazmín Morales spoke with tears on Thursday about her sadness when her dog Papi fell ill and she had to rush to hospital in Guatemala, where they have been living for a month.

The former Miss Costa Rica ended Friday by sharing a health update on her furry friend, who is now, thankfully, back home with her and Yaz’s other dog, Apollo.

Morales said the animal underwent blood tests and ultrasounds to find out what disease it had, and the results were as expected because Costa Rican veterinarians had warned him to move the 14-year-old furry boy from the country. There may be some consequences. Suffering from some diseases.

“Dad suffered from severe stress gastritis. Unfortunately the changes (in the country) affected him. Otherwise, his organs are in good condition,” Yaz said in a report on Instagram.

Yazmin Morales

The beautiful former beauty queen thanked the many people who had messaged her since Thursday asking about Papi’s health.

“A huge thank you to so many people who wrote to me. “When a person loves a small animal so much, it says a lot about him,” he added.

Around 4:30 pm on Thursday, Papi started vomiting uncontrollably, so her mother activated the alarm. She had to run a lot because she had just arrived in Guatemala and she didn’t know much about Guatemala. nation..

Yazmin Morales

Fortunately, neighbors of the tower where Yaz lived in Guatemala City forwarded the bill to a veterinarian who treated and saved the life of this beautiful and gentle little animal. What a blessing!

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