How is the investigation into alleged poor food quality in school cafeterias progressing?

In the last days of August, A criminal complaint has been filed with the Eske Prosecutor’s Officel Proposed by a mother from School 210. She believed that children attending the school cafeteria received spoiled food This will have an impact on his health.

From there, researchers began collecting data to determine whether The state of the food being served According to students, this is related to different health conditions.

In view of this, prosecutor María Bottini detailed the progress of the case in contact with the Radio Notes program, “210 school parents filed complaints, saying that the food served in the restaurant was of poor quality and affected the health of the students. , the prosecutor is studying the evidence .” In this sense, he noted that various entities have requested different reports and they are waiting for responses.

Judicial officials emphasized No charges have been filed so far. “We are seeing what happened because there are different versions,” he stressed. Prosecutors, on the other hand, allegedly wanted to contact other parents because initially they only had the revealing information submitted by one mother who made the complaint.

Bottini also explained that a report request had been made to the hospital Find out if any children have received guard treatment and, if so, what the diagnosis was. In addition, data is being collected from the Ministry of Education, particularly the department responsible for food, to check who has delivered supplies and what procedures they have adopted.

It is worth noting that one of the mothers, Noelia, a member of the parent committee of the educational institution, noted, “The kids ate reheated food.It was chicken stew from the day before and they added the stew they made that day“.

Accordingly, he stated that they attached photos to the complaint to prove this and to ensure that this was the case angered studentsPeople who come to taste delicious food, Abdominal pain, vomiting, and gastroenteritis.


The prosecutor’s office must first determine whether a crime was committed and then identify those responsible. However, parents are unhappy with the management team.From your perspective, no Parents were fully informed of the situation.They emphasized that they learned from children and One mother posted what happened on social networks.

Bottini pointed out that parents’ expectation is that the person responsible for this situation is no longer in work. “We explained that it was the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and they went to the school regulator to make a representation.”

Tax officials admit parents point out The head of the agency bears first responsibility for this situationThis is the statement they made to investigators and to various media outlets in the city.

“They understand It should be the director who controls the food to the kids every day,” Bottini said, before specifying “School principals are considered public officials and may be held liable, so if it is determined that a child has suffered a health problem as a result of ingesting the food, this may amount to negligent or negligent injury. ”

The investigation is ongoing.

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