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How is Kim Kardashian without makeup and without filters? She revealed it herself on social media with a natural selfie.

Kim Kardashian she has changed a lot from when she was simply the queen of reality shows to today and not just because she has made some small aesthetic tweaks. The truth is that on social media she often uses filters and Photoshop to make her shots of her practically perfect (although in many cases she has found herself making small mistakes). Recently, however, she has seen fit to follow the no make-up selfie craze, not being afraid to really show herself naturally. How many have ever wondered how she was the star without makeup and without artifice? To satisfy their curiosities, the person directly involved intervened with a truly unpublished close-up photo.

Kim Kardashian in soap and water version

We left her in a bikini grappling with the launch of her new swimwear collection, today we find Kim Kardashian in a brand new soap and water version. We have always been used to seeing her well-prepared and made up both on social networks and on international red carpets, but now she seems to have changed register. Thanks to a sudden visit to the dentist, the entrepreneur has given up on makeup, filters and photo-retouching, immortalizing herself completely natural. While she hasn’t changed much since the “edited” shots, the difference is definitely noticeable.

Kim Kardashian (almost) natural

Kim Kardashian (almost) natural

The photo of Kim Kardashian natural

What does Kim Kardashian look like without makeup? She revealed it with the photo of her recently posted on her social networks, where she immortalized herself in the dentist’s chair with a natural face. No lipstick, eye shadow or eye-liner, the star has shown that she has perfect skin even when she doesn’t use make-up and filters. The detail you haven’t given up on? Her false eyelashes, capable of making her gaze decidedly deeper even when not surrounded by black pencil. In short, Kim has silenced all those who have always defined her beauty as “fake” of her: even in the soap and water version she is always splendid.

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