How Lewis Hamilton turns Brad Pitt into a real Formula 1 driver

Over the weekend, in addition to a certain Brad Pittalmost half a million fans filled the Silverstone track at the British Grand Prix. Bye Max Verstappen won his sixth victory in a row, ahead of the resurgent Lando Norris it’s in Lewis HamiltonOn the screens appeared an optimistic, bordering on useless call: “Please do not invade the runway.”

Against the appeal, an attack was unleashed the like of which has not been seen since. Nigel Mansell he won his home Grand Prix in 1992. The atmosphere was more tense than I had ever experienced at a dozen British Grands Prix. Fans here, like their Italian or Brazilian equivalents, live their love of Formula One with great passion, and data just collected shows that a third of the spectators at Silverstone are new to the sport.

Documentary television series from Netflix called Drive to survive he is credited with resurgence in F1’s popularity, so much so that the racers have attracted attention previously given to pop idols or Hollywood stars. However, at Silverstone there was also a true idol of the masses in the form of that golden creature, whose name was Brad Pitt.

He is the main character of the movie. Apple TV dedicated to F1, still unnamed, which combines the productive power Jerry Bruckheimer under the able guidance Joseph Kosinsky. This is a duet that, after last year’s billion-dollar success at the box office, Top Shooter: Maverickdecided to do what no one else in the history of cinema has been able to do: a really great film about car racing, without forgetting Chris Hemsworth V hurry.

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What did Brad Pitt do at Silverstone?

In addition to the 10 teams that make up the current F1 grid, we have seen the presence, at least temporarily, of dummy teams. ApexGP. The ghost team occupied one of the Silverstone boxes along with ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull and other stables. His pilots played Brad Pitt AND Damson Idrisvisited the traditional line-up before the race when the actor sang the national anthem Damian Lewisin another bizarre intersection between cinema and the real world.

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