How Many Aesthetic Touches Does Chiquis Rivera Have?

Chiquis Rivera

The physical appearance of Chiquis Rivera has given a lot to talk about on more than one occasion and the singer has had to face attacks due to how she looks. That is why it has even been said that she resorts to interventions to look beautiful. And if you ever wondered if Chiquis Rivera has aesthetic touches, here we tell you what is known.

The truth is that Jenni Rivera’s daughter has never been shy about saying that she uses Botox from time to time to keep her face firm. On the other hand, in 2017 he confessed to  El Gordo y la Flaca  that  he had breast implants but he repented and took them off because “they were very exaggerated.”

On other times that she has entered the operating room -but not for aesthetics- she was when she had to undergo emergency surgery due to a hemorrhagic cyst at the end of last year, however, at the time, the rumor spread that the singer had lied and in reality, she had had plastic surgery. Chiquis’s own doctor denied the rumors and spoke of her condition, remember that the singer suffers from endometriosis, which has brought her some health problems.

The truth is that Chiquis is very honest about her physical appearance and has never hesitated to show off her figure when she can. She has always loved putting on nails, extensions, and changing her look, in each of these changes her followers have always told her how radiant she looks.


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