How many and what kind of houses do the highest paid model sisters in the world have? | Architectural Digest of Italy

A year later, Gigi and Bella’s mother will buy an apartment in a luxury building. Four Seasons Private Residence From Robert A. M. Stern Architects be closer to your daughters. (That’s after selling a Malibu mansion for $19 million and a Los Angeles apartment for $5 million.) The Tribeca hotel is located in one of the tallest residential towers in midtown Manhattan and has all the necessary amenities: a private dining room with catering, among other things. , cinema room, swimming pool with adjacent steam bath. The former model hinted at a move to the East Coast in an Instagram post, showing off sweeping views of the city with the caption: “Windows to my new world… close to the things I love.”

That same year, Yolanda purchased a farm in Pennsylvania worth $4 million. There, the family spends time together picking fresh fruits and vegetables, caring for and riding horses, and generally taking a break from their busy lives. “Sometimes, to find peace, you need to disconnect from the people, places and things that no longer inspire you and help your soul live in higher consciousness,” Yolanda once shared. Also in Pennsylvania in 2020, Gigi gave birth to daughter Kaya, at a nearby farmhouse where her then-partner Zane Malik bought in 2018.


Gigi expanded her holdings in NoHo by purchasing a $5.82 million townhouse in the same building where she already had an apartment. The newly renovated duplex includes three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms in approximately 300 square meters, as well as a 70 square meter private terrace with a fireplace and outdoor kitchen. Like the other property, the townhouse—the only one in the Selldorf-designed building—boasts marble countertops in the kitchen and custom mahogany trim in the master bathroom. At the time of purchase, it was revealed that Gigi intended to combine the new purchase with an existing apartment to create a mega-home for her growing family.

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