How many cases of coronavirus in Mexico, today, April 6?


Mexico has 2,439 cases of positive for coronavirus to 6 April. The Secretariat of Health has updated the figures of the pandemic in Mexico, which again reached a peak of new infections and deaths in a single day. It was mentioned that there are 6,295 suspected cases were discarded 11,741 and is confirmed 125 deaths. In total, in our country have made 20,475 tests COVID-19.

Increased to 296 cases in 24 hours

During the last day, Mexico had the largest increase that it has had in 24 hours. The Sunday had been the most extensive, with 253 hiv-infected. Now, this brand reaches a new maximum with the 296 Monday, 6 April. This caused our country to be close to 2 thousand 500 confirmed cases.

The curve epidemic continues its course

The Director of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía, spoke at a press conference on the exponential growth accelerated the spread by COVID-19. Now, the graph that was shown is the curve epidemic and the increase that has taken from 21 of march and that it will keep this pace for the next few days. Also, showed the patients who have been recovering and said that this figure also will increase in the immediate future and that will be to the population about it.

Mexico City more than 600 cases

Of all the federal entities, the capital of the country is, by far, the most affected by this pandemic with a total of 609 positive cases. The City of Mexico is the only territory with a figure as high. In fact, it exceeds the State of Mexico (261), Puebla (156) and Jalisco (126) in set. Only the CDMX has to 24.97% of patients COVID-19 in the country.

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