How many goals is Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of Messi in the Champions League?

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi no longer play in Europe, but they have played in the Champions League for many years, where they have scored hundreds of goals, although one of the two has more than got another one.

According to UEFA’s official website, the Portuguese has scored 140 goals and the Argentinian has scored 129. Until the 2014-15 season, the two were tied with 77 goals, but from that moment on, the Portuguese overtook him.

On the other hand, important data is given about the performance of both stars.One of them explained Cristiano “He was the first player to score 100 goals for a single club”, Real Madrid. Messi also achieved this goal 30 days after his colleague, and at FC Barcelona.

Current Al-Nassr players “He is the only player to score in eleven consecutive games” According to multiple media reports, the Champions League has been his obsession for many years.

In turn, the pair scored a further eight hat-tricks during the years when they shone in front of the European public.

Ronaldo decided to go to Saudi Arabia, where they gave him an offer of 200 million euros ($209 million) per year, of which he said: “I have a unique contract because I am a unique player. I have broken all the records in Europe and now I want to break some here.”

Messi, for his part, chose Miami out of all the other offers he received because, as he revealed, he was sure that there he could find the peace of mind he and his family needed. He said at the press conference: “When I got here, I had a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of happiness, and a desire to continue to deliver results as I have throughout my career.”

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