How many killed by the coronavirus in Mexico, today, April 11?


Mexico has 233 deaths Coronavirus this Saturday, April 11. Our country surpassed the figure of the 200 deaths in the last 24 hours while the number of hiv infections continues to increase. In addition, the deaths from this pandemic is a reality in almost all the federal entities of the Mexican Republicsince there are only two states where there have been recorded deaths so far.

There were 29 new deaths

In the last 24 hours were recorded 29 deaths. The highest number so far is 33 on a single day, same happened on Wednesday 8 April. In this way, the new total of deaths because of this Coronavirus is 233 according to the last update provided by the Secretariat of Health.

The population in vulnerable situation

Also, in your last press conference, the health authorities at the national level are called upon to take care that they called groups of population in vulnerable situation. These people not only are at greater risk of being infected by the Coronavirus, but to experience its consequences at social and economic level. These groups are the indigenous peoples, people over 60 years of age, persons with disabilities, pregnant women, people deprived of their freedom, a people who belong to sexual diversity and people who suffer from some mental disorder and psychosocial disability.

Only two states outside of deaths from Coronavirus

At this time, 30 of the 32 federal entities have suffered any death of a person by Coronavirusso that is already a reality in almost all the country. The only two states that do not record any death are Aguascalientes and Colima. This last state is also located in the lower part of the number of contagions with just seven positive cases in this pandemic.

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