How many trips did Alyssa Mineo take in 2023? List!

Alyssa Mineo travels often: let’s take a look at all the places the creator has visited during this year!

Alyssa Mineo This year she has completely devoted herself to her work, and that is why she has decided not to take university courses for the time being. Producers, because of their work as influencers, are often involved in Voyage, But how many times has she gone in the last few months? Let’s see together, between work commitments and some holidays, List of destinations visited by them!

Moving up the order starting in January, Alyssa Mineo visits Paris, in France, a city she also returned to in March. In the same month it was also in other cities, such as curtain d’ampezzo And New York, He had the honor and pleasure of meeting international star Selena Gomez in the Big Apple. In April, Alyssa visited hot spots. between them Portofino And this maldives, holidays in which they made it official on social media, his relationship with the singer brash, But the journey didn’t end there!

In May he visited some Italian places Costa Smaranda, and then she was a guest Monte Carlo on the French Riviera. finally it happened in june naples And Amalfi, It must be said that in each of his travels He always inspires many with his trendy outfits, Between destinations, Alyssa always finds time to be together his family And take a few moments to spend with your parents and your cute little dog. For the rest of the summer, the producer still has no details on the destinations she’ll be traveling to, but we do know she’s currently on a cruise. We can’t wait to know which other cities it will head to. And you, are you curious*?

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