How much are the tickets worth to see Indio and his band?

La Plata will once again become the scene of The Air Conditioning Fundamentalists, the band that accompanied the Indian Solari since he began his solo career after the separation, in 2001, of Patricio Rey and his Redonditos de Ricota. They will do so on December 11, 13 years after his last show in the city in which the singer started his successful musical career, as part of one of the most legendary and massive bands on the national rock scene.

Although the sale of tickets had been announced for this Friday, October 29, it had to be rescheduled by the barrage of people who entered the site to get theirs and made it completely collapse. The news was reported by the band through a publication on their social networks: “Friends: due to the number of inquiries and the high expectations generated by the show, to guarantee a good service from the ticketera, the production decided to reschedule the It goes on sale for this Sunday at 23 “.

Beyond this, tickets can be purchased through the site and, as published, They will be offered in three versions: field, stalls and south end, the option furthest from the stage that will be available at the Estadio Único Diego Armando Maradona.

The prices of each one vary and range from $ 2,000 to $ 3,000:

  • Field: $ 2,000 + $ 240 (expenses)

  • Stalls: $ 2,700 + $ 300 (expenses)

  • South header: $ 2,000 + $ 240 (expenses)

As reported, the Stadium gates will open on Saturday at 5 p.m. and the show is announced at 9 p.m.. This time, Solari will not step on the stage in the Unique but he will participate as a virtual guest, as he already did in the recital that via streaming that the group gave from Epecuén, the ruined town of the province of Buenos Aires.

It was Solari himself who confirmed his presence as a guest, both in La Plata and Rosario, where his band will play on February 19. “In both concerts I will participate as a guest, virtually in some songs”he said and caused a revolution in the networks. And immediately added: “Two beautiful parties are coming and it is a pleasure to share them with you”.

In the section of the pandemic in which the shows are enabled, The Fundamentalists confirmed that they will star in two recitals that are predicted to be massive. The band has a show pending in the city of Santa Fe, which was suspended due to the pandemic. For this reason, the musicians commented through social networks that their intention is for the first recital with people to be in that city; however, the first date they got was for February. Therefore, those who have purchased the tickets will be able to enter the Unique Stadium without having to exchange them.

The “Return to the damned paradise” is the name that they chose to release the tickets for sale. As it was told, for the La Plata stadium it will start this Sunday at 23 while for Rosario it will be on December 1.


As Los Fundamentalistas reported on their Instagram page: “The stadium will have a reduced capacity due to the established protocols”, and added that “Minors from the age of five can attend accompanied by their parents”.

Along these lines, it was specified that to enter the stadium, proof of vaccination will be requested and that those who want purchase your ticket physically you can do it at different points of sale that will be announced next week. Meanwhile, the accreditations of people with disabilities will be made by email by writing to and it was noted that the space is limited.

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