How much did Tom Cruise earn for Mission: Impossible?

How much did Tom Cruise earn for Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning: Part One? The actors and producers of the film directed by Christopher McQuarrie come off the record earnings of Top Gun: Maverick, but has Ethan Hunt managed to do better for his bank account?

The superstar, perhaps the most famous actor in the world, has a long tradition of including a large number of people on his resume, and over the years he has comfortably become One of the highest paid actors of all time Thanks also to the fact that, often, their contracts also include percentages on receipts and bonuses to achieve various business objectives. According to a new report from Variety, in the specific case of the new Mission: Impossible Tom Cruise has already been paid between $12 and 14 million Only for Mission: Impossible 7Except for future revenue bonuses and above all the next film Mission: Impossible 8, part two of Dead Reckoning, which is still in filming.

If this figure seems ‘low’ to you, especially considering Tom Cruise risks his life every time he’s on the set of Saga, It should be noted that this salary is only for ‘Tom Cruise the Actor’, and does not include Tom Cruise the producer. For example, for Top Gun: Maverick Tom Cruise Was Paid 13 Million, But as a producer he also received 10% of the gross profit at the box office, making his revenue more than 100 million. To know how much the stars will actually earn from Mission: Impossible 7, we will have to wait for the film to finish running in theatres.

Tom Cruise highest salary in his careerWe also remember $100 million for starring in Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds and $70 million for Cameron Crowe’s Vanilla Sky. An executive at Paramount Studios said,I would never bet against Tom Cruise. Most actors are not worth their pay, but Cruise, perhaps along with Dwayne Johnson, is the only actor who justifies his salary.,

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