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How much do Hollywood stars get paid? From Pattinson’s 3 million to Daniel Craig’s buck

When talking about the golden age of North American industry you have to go back to the late 1920s and early 1950s. And, although it was undoubtedly a period of incredible development, we are probably living the true golden age now. Well, more like the actors.

Years ago, Hollywood stars knew that a high spot on the income list was assured if their movie became a blockbuster. But the business model has evolved and the emergence of digital platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video, has caused more variables to be taken into account today.

Not to mention that opportunities have blossomed for actors who continue to charge very well, but who do not have as much competition as they used to. Or rather, there are so many platforms and production companies that it is rare for an actor, at least one of those with more established careers, to claim that they are unemployed.

Since 1996, the top movie salary for an actor is $ 20 million. Something that we have to thank Jim Carrey, who marked the path that Hollywood stars travel during the last five decades. Thus, Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt and Chris Hemsworth will receive that amount for their latest projects, although not all reach that figure.

However, as we mentioned, the digital revolution has caused some salaries to skyrocket and those who benefit from it are sometimes actors who would not otherwise appear at the top of the income list. Such is the case of Daniel Craig, for example, which has made more than $ 100 million thanks to the aftermath of Knives Out. They will never reach theaters, but Netflix in this case is responsible for compensating Craig with the equivalent of what he would get if his films were screened in theaters. And it is not the only example of this new remuneration system as we can see in the following ranking prepared by Variety.

Actor / film


* agreement with platforms

Daniel Craig “Knives Out ‘sequels $ 100M *
Dwayne johnson “Red One” $ 50M *
Will Smith “King Richard” $ 40M *
Denzel Washington “The Little Things” $ 40M *
Leonardo Dicaprio “Don’t Look Up” $ 30M *
Mark Wahlberg “Spenser Confidential” $ 30M *
Jennifer Lawrence “Don’t Look Up” $ 25M *
Julia Roberts “Leave the World Behind” $ 25M *
Sandra Bullock “The Los City of D” $ 20M
Ryan gosling ‘The Gray Man’ $ 20M *
Chris Hemsworth “Thor: Love and Thunder” $ 20M
Brad Pitt “Bullet Train” $ 20M
Michael B. Jordan “Without Remorse” $ 15M *
Tom cruise “Top Gun: Maverick” $ 13M
Keanu reeves “The Matrix 4” $ 12- $ 14M
Chris pine “Dungeons and Dragons” $ 11.5M
Robert Pattinson “The Batman” $ 3M

However, there are those who try to squeeze the old and the new model and Tom cruise he is a teacher in that sense. The actor is among a handful of traditional movie stars demanding big salaries before his studio earns box office income. This entitles you to tens of millions of dollars in bonuses after certain milestones are reached throughout the life of your films. By Top Gun: Maverick, which Paramount will release this year, is going to enter 13 million dollars, which could be much more if the film turns out to be a success.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: Helen@oicanadian.com Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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