How much does a diamond cost? Less than you think if you buy green, loved by VIPs and young couples.

Diamond photo from

Diamond photo from

A new trend in high jewelry is to wear diamonds grown in a laboratory, but identical in composition to natural ones. That’s how much they cost.

A revolution is taking place in the luxury sector: diamond prices are collapsing. Cause? Young people prefer lab-grown products that are more environmentally friendly and ethical. But they are also less expensive and just as magnificent, so much so that they cannot be distinguished from natural ones with the naked eye. This was reported by the American financial consulting platform Bloomberg.

Same shine and fewer impurities.

Cultured diamonds are real gemstones made using methods that mimic the natural formation process. The operation begins by subjecting a few millimeters of diamond to a chemical vapor deposition process. In this way, environmental conditions similar to those on Earth are reproduced, making it possible to produce a gemstone in no more than a week, whereas natural diamonds take a million years to produce. However, the final product is so identical that the difference between the two gems is not noticeable to the naked eye, even to experts. Only sophisticated laboratory equipment can determine whether a diamond is natural or cultured.

Sustainable choice

The fact is that cultured diamonds are capturing an increasing share of the market, taking it away from the trade in natural stones, the prices of which have fallen sharply. Green gemstones seem to be especially popular among young couples who choose them for their engagement rings. Lab-grown diamonds are designed to be a sustainable and ethical choice from a human rights perspective, and are priced significantly lower, by about a third, than natural gemstones. They also have the same shine and fewer impurities. All features are also highly valued by VIPs. Meghan Markle has worn earrings with natural diamonds from the Kimai brand several times.

How much does a diamond cost?

The choice of cultured diamonds over natural diamonds has revolutionized the market. So much so that De Beers, the world’s leading natural diamond retailer, was forced to cut prices on its jewelry by almost 40%. He also decided to create his own line of lab-grown diamonds, Lightbox. Even Leonardo DiCaprio was fascinated by the world of gems and invested in Diamond Foundry, a company that is poised to become the largest supplier of cultured diamonds in Europe.

How much does a lab diamond cost? Prices for cultured stones have also dropped in recent years due to streamlined production, and a one-carat gemstone can be purchased for around $1,425. To get a more accurate idea, you can consult some online cultured diamond sales sites. At Clean Origin, one of the first companies to implement distance selling, a solitaire game costs about $1,000 on average.

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