How much does an air conditioning cost in Mendoza today: offers and recommendations

The time began when, at least occasionally, we felt the need to use the different ventilation systems, especially the air conditioning, great invention if there are any.

Temperatures exceed 30 and the difference between the minimum and the maximum is shortened. But the daily tasks continue and you have to find a way to “survive” the hot days, which will increase.

The questions also begin: for those who have air conditioning, it may be that when you turn it on the first time – after so many months in disuse – the equipment does not work as expected, while there are those who are thinking of purchasing one or changing their own for one. better.

Hot days invite you to turn on the air, at least during “peak” hours.

There is a not minor fact and it has to do with the pandemic from Covid (which, although sometimes we forget, did not finish): the split airs, which are the most used in homes, offices and shops, do not renew the air but rather recycle it. Specialists remember that they can be used but in environments with adequate ventilation.

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Although there are different models, brands and prices, in addition to offers and forms of payment, a “good” air It costs around $ 70,000, depending mostly on the capacity (how many refrigerators it is).

On which are the best when choosing, “for energy savings and because they are quite silent, any equipment with an Inverter motor”, advise technicians from the service company Eco Service (2612774496) consulted by the Post.

The Eco Service company recommends inverter motor equipment.

“The most important thing is to know the dimensions of the place where it is going to be installed, to be able to make a thermal balance and know the amount of K / cal. Or refrigerators that are needed. According to the dimensions (length, height and width) of the spaces of the house we have the air capacity “, they explain.

Installation cost

“The installation of an air conditioning with materials included up to 3 meters of pipe is starting at $ 12000”, they detail from the aforementioned company.

Important fact: there is a “Refrigeration Chamber” with suggested prices for all the work carried out, which can be consulted by both the technician and the customer.


“Preventive maintenance, more than anything is cleaning, evaporator (equipment that is inside the house). And condenser (the one that is outside) cleaning, pressure control, amperage and operation”, explains the technician consulted.

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And he adds: “With regard to preventive maintenance, that’s what the technician has to do. Then what one has to do is clean the evaporator filters.”

Useful life and recommendations

“The life of an air conditioner is approximately 12 to 15 years, depending on maintenance.”

It is recommended to clean the evaporator filters, use it in 24 hours and every beginning of the season call a technician to check the operation.

With good maintenance, an air lasts between 12 and 15 years.

Other options

There are cheaper alternatives or those that serve another type of use (for example, there are those who prefer not to use air conditioning at night).

The fan and the cooler are options, but “they do not change the climate of the environment”.

“I heard complaints about the coolers where they release a lot of humidity. And the fans move the air from the room, if it is well ventilated it may have cooled a little.”

Costs, offers and payment methods

On the Frvega website, for example, in the top offers An Air Conditioning Split Inverter Cold / Heat Carrier (2900 F) appears at $ 82,999 (advertised with 20% off) and can be paid in up to 18 installments without interest of $ 4,611.06.

A little more economical appears the Aire Split Fro Calor Sansei (2800 F) at $ 55,999, which can be paid in up to 18 installments without interest of $ 3,111.06.

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Regarding other alternatives, an 18-inch Liliana Turbo Fan, for example, costs $ 5,299 and can be paid in up to 30 fixed installments of $ 262.38. One standing, meanwhile, can be purchased for $ 9,499.

Some opt for other options, like fans and coolers.

The price of a evaporative air cooler (Tgw brand, 13 liters) is $ 25,360, to be paid in up to 18 installments without interest of $ 1408.89.

For bargain seekers, the more economical air on the web it is a Split Fro Calor Philco (2200F) that has a value of $ 47,999 and can be purchased in up to 30 fixed installments of $ 2376.63.

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On the Musimundo website, in the category “Most Sold“, appears the Split Air conditioning Philco COLD / HEAT 2838 at $ 51,999.00 (online price), in 18 installments of $ 2,888.83

While a BGH COLD / HEAT 4472 has a cost of $ 89,999.00, to be paid in 12 installments without interest of $ 7,499.92.

A standing fan is advertised for $ 12,999, in up to 12 installments of $ 1,083.25.

Fans are a cheaper option to “survive” the heat

Air equipment can also be purchased in some hypermarkets. For example, on Easy’s website, a Hyundai Air Split Hot / Cold (3200F) is advertised for $ 55,195.

While a table fan (Indelplas, 16 ”) costs $ 3986.5, while a standing one (20 ”) has a value of $ 7196.

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On the Walmart page you can buy a Kenbrown Turbo Fan (16 ”) for $ 4,99900 or a standing one (Liliana, 16 ”) for $ 7,99900.

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