How much does it cost to fly to the moon? Now less than a movie

The total cost of the mission that brought the Chandrayaan 3 probe to the moon is lower than what is needed to produce many films, especially those set in space.

6.15 billion rupees. At the current exchange rate, they are almost 73 million euros. According to data reportedReuters news agency it will be the costs incurredIndian Space Research Agency deliver the Chandrayaan-3 probe to the moon. A border that has so far only been explored by three other countries: the former Soviet Union, the US, and China. However, this boundary is still difficult to explore, given what happened to the Russian probe that was supposed to land on the moon.

the cost of the entire mission Chandrayaan-3 was also lower than the previous one. lunar mission indiathe one organized in 2019. The goal was the same, but here the lander Chandrayan-2 failed to make a soft landing and crashed to the bottom of the moon. Then expenses incurred by the Space Research Agency Indian was from 8 billion rupeesabout 90 million euros.

Comparison with film production costs

Newspaper Independent compared India’s cost of a mission to the moon to the cost of making a film about space. The comparison really works. Interstellarmasterpiece Christopher Nolan released in 2014, it cost 152 million euros. More than twice as much as the Indian lunar mission. Gravity, released in 2013, stopped at around 92 million euros. The cast also included George Clooney AND Sandra Bullock. Martiandirector Ridley Scottin 2015 it cost just over 100 million euros.

An asteroid discovered in Earth’s orbit could be a fragment of the moon

Will movie sets move to space? Russia has already done it. Fall 2021Russian space agency sent the actress Julia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko within 12 days on the International Space Station. No experiments and spacewalks. Both focused on making the film. Competition, the first film shot in space. In fact, the film was released in Russian distribution in April last year.

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