How much does it cost to go to a Messi vs. Inter Miami game?

Fans from all over the world are looking for ways to travel to Miami to watch Inter Milan star Lionel Messi. Ecuadorians have many options.

Since he signed his contract with “Garzas” on Saturday, July 15, 2023, thousands Messi fans They are looking for a way to travel to the United States to see him in an Inter shirt.

Previously, Ecuadorians had mixed feelings about the Argentine star. Not everyone can travel to Spain or France to watch FC Barcelona or Paris Saint-Germain play.

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However, now, it is closer to North American countries, allowing many compatriots to travel Watch it live, In an MLS or US Open Cup match.

exactly “Messi Mania” is still active. Fans haven’t stopped looking for ways to get to Miami and enjoy the promise of “10.”

To this end, local travel agencies have specially created travel packages to miami, Among them, the Inter Milan match is one of the main attractions.

For example, a trip that has been promoted on social networks is Saturday, October 7vs. FC Cincinnati at DRV PNK Stadium in Ecuador at 6:30 p.m.

The agency offering the service, which is worth $1,134 per person between October 5 and 8, is Fast Travel World and includes:

    • Guayaquil-Miami-Guayaquil flights
    • Three nights at the Freehand Hotel in Miami (double room)
    • Match tickets (seats behind the goal)
    • One day trip
    • Airline and hotel taxes
    • This package does not include: travel insurance, food, drinks or hotel-airport-hotel transfers.

Messi Express Travel Package Miami Inter Milan

Other travel agencies Suitable for date Someone sorting out the package, depending on stadium ticket availability.

On the other hand, for those who want to travel to Miami on your own There are several options. Between October 5 and 8, the cheapest price including flights, match tickets and accommodation is likely to be around $755.

For example, take a ride American airlines The price to fly from Quito to Miami in economy class without checked luggage is $433. And at the time of booking, apartments in Fort Lauderdale started at $72 per person for three nights.

Additionally, the cheapest ticket to watch Messi’s Inter Miami take on Cincinnati (behind the goal) is $250, according to the website. Ticket Master Website.

Ticketmaster Inter Miami Messi Tickets

Another option to see Messi in Miami could come at a cost $1087. The budget is higher due to the more expensive accommodation type and location at DRV PNK Stadium.

The $433 flight will remain.But if fans are looking for a more comfortable experience during their stay, they have the option Three star hotel For example, the Grand Hotel Fort Lauderdale costs $254.

Alternatively, a separate ticket can be purchased stadium stands The cost is approximately $400.

Ticketmaster Messi Inter Ticket Option 2

Apart from, Top travel options PRIMICIAS simulates $2,363 Everyone, on the same date and the same commitment.

The cost to fly with American Airlines October 5-8 with a checked bag is $539. Additionally, three nights at a five-star hotel like Casa Herm├ęs averaged $824 per guest.

This does not include game tickets. Well, in area 132, you can see the entire field, and it’s closer to the grass than other places, Tickets start at $1,000.

Ticketmaster Messi Inter Ticket Option 3

These travel options include airfare, accommodation and game tickets only. Additionally, there are some items that must be added, such as: Transportation and food.

Ecuadorian fans excited to see Lionel Messi at Inter Miami calculator in hand. There are different budgets for every taste and it all depends on how close you want to see the “albiceleste”.

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