How much does it cost to spend the night at a luxury resort in Puglia, beloved by Madonna, Justin Timberlake and the Beckhams?

Borgo Egnatia-Photo from Instagram

Borgo Egnatia-Photo from Instagram

Many national and international stars spend their holidays in Puglia. Sun, sea and a lot of tranquility. There is a resort where they like to spend moments of relaxation. But how much does it cost to spend one night in this luxury hotel? Let’s find out the prices.

Puglia is undoubtedly one of the most visited regions of the peninsula. Clean sea, white sand beaches and breathtaking views. The hinterland is no less still to be discovered. Small villages that seem to come out of fairy tales, expanses of olive trees, rural landscapes, old farms, etc.

Not to mention gastronomic traditions, a riot of tastes, smells and natural products. Not only the classic orecchiette with turnips, but also frisel, mussels from Taranto, capocollo from Martin Franca, pasticciotto, chiceri and tria (fresh pasta with chickpeas) and so on. We will stop there because the list is really endless and each part of the region has its own typical dish.

What is Borgo Egnatia?

In recent years, Puglia has been literally stormed. Many local and international celebrities have chosen to spend their holidays in this region.

One place is especially loved, located in the heart of Puglia, namely in Savelletri di Fasano. Luxury resort Borgo Egnazia, surrounded by olive trees and located close to the sea.

A unique place that offers guests a real journey between tradition and innovation. This place is inspired by the shapes and materials of a typical Apulian village.

Indoor and outdoor swimming pool, spa, golf club, gym, restaurants, bars, etc. Borgo is equipped with many services suitable to pamper the client.

How much does it cost to spend the night at a luxury resort in Puglia, loved by many stars

There are a lot of stars that have passed through this resort. Russell Crowe, Lady Gaga, David and Victoria Beckham. It was here that the singer Madonna celebrated her 63rd birthday, and Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel fulfilled their dream of love in Borgo.

But how much does it cost to sleep at this luxury resort?

For example, La Corte Magnifica is a suite with sofas, a fireplace, a stone table and a sleeping area with a super king-size bed, which costs about 2000 euros per night. Breakfast included.

Borgo Casetta Splendida is a family-friendly destination. It is equipped with every comfort, a private courtyard and a panoramic terrace. Average price for one night in September? About 1900 euros including breakfast.

Casa Stupenda, on the other hand, is a building surrounded by olive trees, built from local stone and equipped with a private swimming pool. In addition, the housewife will prepare delicious typical Apulian dishes for the guest. Cost for one night? About 3000 euros.

Some more curiosities

There is also a Patronal House in Borgo Egnatia. 5382 square meters building surrounded by olive, lemon, prickly pear trees, etc.

The average cost per night is about 20,000 euros. So, how much does it cost to spend the night at a luxury resort in Puglia, beloved by many stars.

Of course, the cost varies depending on the months and days of the booking.

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