How much does it cost to travel to the Qatar World Cup 2022?

There are 13 teams that have already secured a place in the Qatar World Cup 2022 and dream of lifting the most important trophy. Of course, not only the teams dream of being world champions but thousands of fans from different countries want to travel to encourage their country and with the classification assured, more than one started to make calculations.

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The November FIFA date brought with it new qualifiers. To Qatar, inside because it is the host country, more Germany and Denmark, who had booked tickets in October, were joined by Brazil, Argentina, and the two Europeans who booked tickets on Saturday: France and Belgium. On Sunday, Croatia. Later, Serbia and Spain; England, Switzerland (Monday) and the Netherlands (Tuesday). It is That is why we review some key aspects to take into account when embarking on the trip to the new headquarters of the World Cup that will be held from November 21 to December 18.

Tickets, accommodation, food and transfers

PASSAGES: First of all, you have to analyze what is the best option to move to Qatar. Evaluate the best prices, comfort and whether or not they are willing to have multiple stopovers.
From Argentina there are currently no direct flights to Qatar, but you have to do a combination. This is where the time comes to study the passages well to define from which region it is convenient to get to Doha.

Currently you cannot search for flights for November / December 2022, but flights with stopovers are available from Approximately 1700 USD according to the quote on the Tourism City travel page. Even so, clearly the demand for that moment will be much higher, which will impact the values ​​and it is estimated that they will be around 2000 USD.

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ACCOMMODATION: In this regard, it is important to define how important it is to stay in a luxurious hotel. Obviously there are more than one imposing high-end accommodation in the region, but cheaper options can also be found for those traveling on a more limited budget.

If the objective is to find a hotel that is in comfortable conditions to spend the night without contemplating the luxuries, there are variables of between 40 and 50 dollars a night. In these variables, the five stars are left aside, but you can get options with WIFI, cleaning and single beds for that value.

In addition, one of the great innovations in this edition is that there will be impressive boats Floating houses that will function as accommodation and with more than four thousand cabins, a pool and even playrooms for the little ones, it will be an option to stay. It is that in 2019, Qatar signed an agreement with MSC Cruises to lease two cruises during the tournament and as reported by the Supreme Organizing Committee also signed an agreement with the largest hotel operator in Europe, Accor, which will provide 10,000 employees to manage and operate more than one million nights in 60,000 apartments and villas during the tournament.

Qatar will have up to 130,000 rooms available for the more than one million fans expected over the 28 days of the tournament. That total is made up of 2-5 traditional hotel rooms, cruise ships moored in port known as “floating hotels,” serviced apartments and villas, and desert camps.

MEAL: Again, this information varies according to the claims of who chooses to undertake the trip to Qatar, but who chooses to have a basic dinner not very ostentatious the average to spend between two people will be 40/50 dollars. Another important fact for those who aim for a tighter budget is something to keep in mind: the famous street food stalls that they solve on the go do not predominate.

A specific example of the lunch menu: a steak with a salad + a small round soda at 14 USD. You can always aim for something a little lower cost and if a fan needs a cheaper plan, they can get a sandwich with a Coke for 8 USD.

A separate issue is alcohol since currently sales are only enabled in hotels, in some specific restaurants andThe price of a pint of beer is around 12 dollars. Even so, when the time for the World Cup comes there will be sectors where sales will be allowed, such as the Fan Zones where events are traditionally held at each World Cup.

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Transfers: The World Cup will be held on these eight courts: Al Bayt Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, Ras Abu Abboud Stadium, Lusail Stadium, Khalifa International Stadium, Al Janoub Stadium, City of Education Stadium and Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium. That is why it is essential to analyze how it is convenient to move and the subway is a good option.

In order to travel, it is necessary to have the subway card that in Argentina is known as SUBE and each country has its own. Its value + three trips is approximately 4, 50 USD and the subway connects with the entire city so that it allows access to the eight stadiums.

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