How much has decreased the number of daily flights in the world


The march 25, 2019, 169 thousand 56 aircraft crossed the sky in all the world. In contrast, this 25 of march of 2020, only flew a total of 94 thousand 477.

This is only one of the data that sheds Flightradar24, a website that tracks real-time flights worldwide. In recent days, through social networks has spread to several maps that show how much they have decreased flights because of the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19.

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In the following graph, you can see one of the comparisons made by Flightradar24. It was armed with images of a GIF, which you can find on Twitter. Shows a map air traffic world of 23 of march, compared with the 23 of February. Upon review, pay special attention on the regions of north America and Europe, where you can appreciate how it has declined the volume of flights. Take into account that the site is not only passenger flights but also cargo.

Click on the image to rotate and see the comparison.

Another of the data that has been released indicates that, for the first time from 2016, the 24 of march there were fewer than 100 thousand flights in a single day.

If you want to get data for yourself, you can access the web page and view the statistics of the past nine months. For example, we entered and found that this Thursday, the 26th of march there were 96 thousand 970 flights at the global level, while the 26 of February, there had been 186 thousand 942; that is to say, this month there was a little more than half of flights that the last month. Between the days with increased air traffic this year is the 21 January and 21 February, with 190 thousand 867 and 196 thousand 756 flights, respectively.

Flightradar24 also has been shown to maps regional. For example, the following shows the decrease of flights in the north Atlantic, comparing the march 27, 2020 march 27, 2019. Remember that there is currently a restriction on flights between the Schengen area and the united States.

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This is a map that shows the decline in countries such as India or the United Arab Emirates. The first country has suspended the flights home, while in the united Arab Emirates on the 23rd of march was decreed the suspension of commercial flights over two weeks to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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Finally, there are a couple of maps showing the south-east of Europe.

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