How much love! Mark Wahlberg receives a cuddle from his daughter… it’s In the “Hall of beauty”!


Actor Mark Wahlberg has shocked all his followers by posting a video on their social networks where it shows the luv that he makes your daughter during the quarantine period.

The small will make a change of image to the television producer where you applying too much make-up and dares to perform a manicure.

The native of Bostonshared the time in his personal account of Instagram where he has more than 15 million followers, and the post has already exceeded the million and a half views.

The model starts the clip by telling your daughter “you’re painting my hand” to which she then completed saying: “15 days in quarantine now. I’m getting pedicures and manicures, and apparently a full makeup. She has all your kit there.”

“I don’t know if you’re going to have a career in this”, he said the singer Grace of 10 years, to which she replied: “I’m Just good at makeup. Then, your makeup will be on fleek. Your eyebrows will be on fleek”.

When the little confessed: “I’m doing a makeup horrible”, the actor he joked, saying between screams and laughter “I Thought you said you were good at makeup? But what? Very well, that is enough. “

Mark Wahlberg is taking the opportunity to share and enjoy this time with your family, in days past, had already published a video with his wife, Rhea Durham, while Grace taught them dances to TikTok.