How much money did he inherit?

Diego Maradona not only displayed infinite pain around the world after the tragic news of November 25, 2020. The 10 has also left legends, goals, memories, smiles and many goods. A lot of. That inheritance today is part of the cause of his succession, while on the other hand the investigation of the death advances. Your heirs still don’t know the value of the estate. Of course there are several million that are already on the record, AND cars. And houses. And bank accounts. And even tanks …

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At the moment, there are five legitimate heirs: Dalma and Gianinna, Diego Junior, Jana and Diego Fernando. But there may be more Magalí Gil and Eugenia Laprovittola await the genetic results to determine if they are Diego’s natural daughters. In order to put these types of paternity lawsuits on track, six DNA samples from Maradona were saved, and one has already been transferred to La Plata for the procedure that will take place on December 14.

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Once these paternity claims have been resolved, the civil judge of La Plata Luciana Tedesco del Rivero will be able to advance in the case for the destinies of the succession, Despite being Maradona, Today we cannot speak of very large millions to be divided among his five children,

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Diego left between 5 and 6 million dollars in accounts in Swiss banks. A part of the money was in a financial institution of Dubai, where he also owns 30% of a cafe. On Belarus had an amphibious tank and 5% of a club as part of its contract with FC Dinamo Brest.

On the 10th, he recently charged a high sum for the rights of the series Maradona: Blessed Dream. Although the contract would reach a million dollars, it is believed that Amazon paid Diego up to six times more than that value.

Maradona's assets.

Maradona’s assets.

Other goods will be auctioned on December 19. The money collected (you can participate remotely from anywhere in the world through the specialized site of the company Adrián Mercado) will be used in principle to pay taxes owed and can only be distributed from next year.

Maradona's assets.

Maradona’s assets.

What will be auctioned? Cantilo 4575’s house in Villa Devoto, a chalet steeped in family history. Two BMWs. A Hyundai H1 Minivan truck. And many objects that are stored in two storage boxes in San Isidro, and of which an inventory has already been made for the auction.

Maradona's assets.

Maradona’s assets.

The objects in your storage:

-13 balls by the Colombian artist Mr Bling: one in silver that says: 1986, with Diego’s signature and at the base the phrase: “THE BALL IS NOT STAINED, DIEG0 ARMANDO MARADONA”. One in gold with Diego’s signature, one from Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​one from Napoli, and one from Boca.

-1 silver wall clock, 2 medium wall clocks HUBLOT brand, 1 large wall clock Hublot brand.

-31 books, among them, several autographed (20 by the authors and with dedications).

-Puma brand bags in red, black, blue and white colors, among others, an Argentine flag, a box with two T-shirts with a light blue collar with the number 10.

-Nine suits, two white tunics, three shirts, a long black coat.

-Twelve shirts, six jackets, a suit, speakers, sound system, massager.

-T-shirts of different teams and teams: one from Millionaires from Colombia that says “for the greatest of all”, one from Manchester City that says “for my Diego Gay with all my love, Agüero Kun”; one from Stoichkov’s Bulgaria that says “to my great friend Diego A. Maradona with affection”; one from Shenhua that says: “.. Tevez (32)”, one of the Argentine Men’s Hockey Team with 14 signatures; one of the Boca Juniors Athletic Club brand Nike with several signatures; one of the Jeonbuk Club brand Hummel with several signatures; one from Club Atlético Mineiro with a dedication signed by Dátolo; one from the Naples Club in red by Hamsik with the number 17 signed; one from the training team of the Brazil team that says “maestro Maradona todo o carinho do amigo. Rivellino”.

-A guitar in a black case that says “Diego Armando Maradona, the greatest in history. From your friend Vicentico.”

-Three green boxes with the brand “Rolex”.

-14 black boxes with the “Hublot” brand, two board color boxes with the 15 “Cartier” brand, originality cards, three of the “Rolex” brand.

-Chess game with metal pieces with the Patria Croatica insignia.

-A Blue Ray team.

-A black and silver lamp, a Bein brand decoder.

-Three boxes with prizes, trophies and recognitions.

-Three boxes with records and films.

Box with caps.

-Paddle paddles, squash rackets, boxing gloves, FIFA card holder and wallet, two pairs of cufflinks, one padding, three pairs of yellow Swedes, four tunics.

-Sportswear in variety. A Boca t-shirt signed by Palermo and another signed by Schiavi, a Bordeaux-colored t-shirt brand Nike Advantage Federer signed by Roger Federer.

-Various shoes and ankle boots.

-A plastic doll closed in transparent wrapping by Footballers brand.

-A speaker, a box with two Coran, transformers and a television decoder.

-Basketball t-shirt brand Nike from Boca.

-Leather cover, bags and nebulizer.

-A Fujifilm brand camera.

-Television brand Panasonic, television brand Samsung, television brand Panasonic, television brand LG.

-Fixed bike, elliptical, multifunctional gym, step, mini trampoline; training kit.

-A case carved with the Independent’s shield, with the inscription “for the greatest of all !!!, I love you very much Fluff, dear, the Bocha”.

-A sports bag with the initials of GELP.

-A safe.

-Coffee maker Dolce Gusto brand, a grater, a neck and shoulder massager, a cigar humidifier.

-Frames of different sizes.

-Tableware wrapped in films with shallow, deep, dessert plates, cups, wells and a mate.

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