How much will it cost to rent George Clooney’s villa on Lake Como

George Clooney was ready to rent out his historic summer residence on Lake Como. But how much can it cost to book Villa Oleandra in Laglio, famous throughout the world, for an event or ceremony?

You say Lake Como and think about George Clooney. Now the combination is obvious: summer residence Hollywood star made the fresh waters of Lombardy known to the whole world, making them a status symbol even for local celebrities (above all, Chiara Ferragni and Fedes, who had just bought a house directly opposite the Clooney house). merit of the eighteenth century Villa Oleander in Lagliowho just a few days ago hosted George, his wife Amal Alamuddin and twins Ella and Alexander for their italian holidays.

But while the family enjoys holiday with a lake viewin the company of relatives and VIP guests, a rumor that the actor intends to become more and more assertive monetize his now known possessions. That is, after lent home of celebrity friends (among others Emily Blunt, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez) for weddings or romantic dates, to rent even to ordinary individuals for events or ceremonies.

How much will it cost to rent Villa Oleandra in Laglio

Dreams Come True, for many. to be capable of marry where world stars said yes and where actresses, singers, politicians and members of the global elite spent long periods of rest, nevertheless, it could is quite expensive. How many? We speak at least 30 thousand euros at the event. The place for star wedding, in short, at least in the wallet. But we can be sure that there will be those who will spare no expense for a perfect day on the shores of Lake Como.

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How much is George Clooney’s summer house

After all, the investment is worth the candle. Art Nouveau building purchased Clooney back in 2002 for 10 millioni euro, according to some estimates, even tenfold its value over the years: in 2015, the American actor was rumored to have offers for Villa Oleander ten times above its original value about 100 million euros. The added value of the house, apart from the redevelopment work? Obviously the presence of the actor himself. Same beneficial effect which was also used by the entire municipality garlicwhat after Clooney’s arrival saw the prices of the surrounding houses rise.

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