How often should you wash your hair? Opinions of a hairdresser, dermatologist and colorist

Most men do this every day. Selena Gomez does it twice a week. Kim Kardashian has been without him for five days. Then there are people on TikTok who vow to miss it for a whole seven days. How often you should wash your hair seems to really come down to personal preference. Right?

Not so fast. The answer to this question is unclear, but it can be summarized in four words: For the most part, but there are a few factors to keep in mind (Well, that’s 14 words).

How often should you wash your hair?  Opinions of a hairdresser, dermatologist and colorist

First, you need to strip the scalp of its natural oils when you wash your hair too much or wash your hair every day when it is not necessary, which is what you want to avoid. “So, you have to consider your hair type, hair texture, scalp condition, damage and the style you wear,” says Kevin Mancuso, Hairstylist and Global Creative Director at Nexxus. Oh, and don’t forget the environment.

How often should you wash your hair, according to the stylist

In general, and from a professional stylist’s point of view, how often you lather depends on your hair type and how greasy your roots get. For example: “If you have oily scalp, you may find it helpful to wash your hair every day or every other day, especially if you have fine, straight, wavy or curly hair and want to add volume and lift at the roots.” says Mancuso. “If your hair is very frizzy at 4°C, daily washing may not be worth it if your styling needs are demanding. In this case, I suggest you wash as often as possible (should be done every two weeks). If you have a dry scalp, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have free access to a messy scalp, but I have many clients whose hair looks amazing after three days or more.”

It depends on your hair type. Wash your hair every day, or every other day if you have oily scalp and thin, straight, wavy, or more loose locks. For drier scalps, it is best to use every three to four days. If you have unruly or 4c curls, lather it once every two weeks.

Dermatologists are concerned about one thing: your skin – and that extends to your scalp. However, when it comes to scalp health, dermatologist Francesca Fusco, MD, says there’s no “golden rule” for how many times you should wash your hair a week, and it’s not necessarily “bad” for your skin to shampoo your hair. every day.
“If a person has oily hair, you can wash it every day. If it is dry, it can be washed once a week, but at least once a week for hygiene reasons,” says the doctor. Fusco. “Persons with dandruff should wash their hair at least twice a week using an anti-dandruff shampoo.”
At least once a week if you don’t have dandruff, in this case twice a week with a medicated shampoo is recommended.

How often should you wash your hair, according to the colorist

Anyone who dyes their hair often knows that washing too often can dull the color. That’s why, as a general rule, colorist Stephanie Brown says people with color-treated hair shouldn’t lather their hair more than every other day. “If you have drier hair, try waiting a little longer,” she says. “You want your hair to absorb some of your natural oils to keep it strong and shiny. If you feel like you need to wash your hair more often, use a substitute such as a co-wash or a cleansing conditioner such as Unwash Biocleansing Conditioner. They do not wash off oils and do not moisturize the hair. If you have color-treated hair, do not wash your hair more than every other day. Try to go without shampoo for at least three to four days, if possible, to keep the color.

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