How romantic!Young man proposes to boyfriend at Taylor Swift concert

Long live love!

A young man surprised his boyfriend with a romantic proposal as “Love Story” played in the background during Taylor Swift’s Mexico concert.

Taylor Swift During a series of concerts in some Latin American countries, a young man surprised him during a presentation in Mexico Boy friend when proposing marriage The crowd of attendees screamed as they realized the romantic moment taking place.

manual request

This video was posted by user Alan Miguel Ortiz (@alanmiguelmx)she was the one who proposed to his partner during a speech on “The Eras Tour.”

In the video you can see that everything was planned as someone recorded their partner while enjoying the concert; that’s when one of Taylor’s most iconic songs, “Love Story,” was playing, and Ai Lun stroked her boyfriend’s arm, Give him a big surprise.

His jumping and screaming partner ignored him, but it wasn’t until he saw Allen kneeling that he realized what had happened. Immediately afterwards, Allen showed his partner the ring, who is excited He cried and agreed.

Afterwards, the two fell into a fierce kiss, and everyone around noticed it and screamed together.

Netizens react to the video

The video has amassed thousands of Taylor fans, as by now it’s almost gone 500,000 “likes,” 3,800 comments, and nearly 4 million views.

Likewise, many “swifities” (Taylor fans’ names) commented on the video and expressed their happiness for the couple.

“Applause for this loving couple”, “Because I want to meet you, please invite me to the wedding”, “I love you, engaged baby”, “Always be a bystander, never a protagonist”, “For someone I don’t know people cry”, “I want to fulfill that dream too”, comments on TikTok read.

Taylor breaks Spotify record

Few artists in the music industry have been as influential as American Taylor Swift, who just achieved an unprecedented milestone for women in music: she became the first woman to do so singer. 100 million listeners Released monthly on Spotify last Tuesday.

exactly, Taylor Swift Been uniting couples because a young man named Alan had no better idea than to propose marriage to it Boy friend During a concert of one of his favorite artists.

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