“How scared we were that day”

August 16, 2023 for Patricia Cerezo (51 years old) ex-wife ramon garcia (61).Just five years ago, in 2018, he passed away one of the pillars Their liveshis father, Jose Luis Cerezo Pressler.Patricia went through one of the most difficult times of her life and today it was inevitable get excited when it comes to his father.

This businesswoman used her social network to donate some emotional discourse To his dad: “It’s been five years since you left, Dad, what still hurts. It seems like after a while, dates and anniversaries don’t matter so much, but they don’t. today is different from other daysToday is a different day. “

Cerezo recalled episodes of his life and battled nostalgia, adding: “Today I woke up and thought about that damn August 16, 2018. how scared we arehow sad how painfulJust thinking about “never again” brings tears to my eyes. I’ll never hug you again, you’ll never call me again, I’ll never hear your contagious laugh…’.

(Patricia Cerezo and her boyfriend Kiko Gámez on their first summer of romance in Thailand)

The relationship between father and daughter is very strong; they are very close and she consults him on everything. His father was his guide and confidant: his role model. That’s why when Jose Luis left, Patricia’s life fell apart and she had to start living differently.Here’s how she explains herself in this heartbreaking story postal.

But over time you learn to live differently. Talk to you with your heart, imagine what advice you will give me, close your eyes and listen to your laughter. I get it, Dad. You are always with me. you haven’t left yet. You never leave. I love you and I miss you as much as I did five years ago. ”

José Luis Cerezo Preysler’s daughter, Patricia, shared a photo.

It should be remembered that Jose Luis Cerezo Pressler He died at the age of 79. José Luis Cerezo died of complications From Herniated Disc Surgery He underwent surgery in June and underwent surgery.

Patricia Cerezo’s father was hospitalized for a long time, and that’s when Hospital Acquired Pneumonia The end of the naval department manager was tragic.

Father and daughter are always very close, journalists often Jose Luis and Pilar de CastelviHis mother, the beautiful devotion and tender photos he used to share with his fans on social networks.

Patricia’s New Life

In July 2021, one of the most shocking marital separation stories in the mind world was made public: Works by Ramon García and Patricia CerezoTheir relationship lasted 24 years and they have two daughters: Natalia and Verónica.This ex-marriage has shown their relationship cordial and affectionate For their daughter.

Right now, Patricia Cerezo is having a great professional and personal moment. In the new phase of her life after her separation from the host of Shinhwa, her new love story with businessman Kiko Gámez and the founding of her agency brought happiness, 49 communication.

Not only career smiled on him like never before, but also love. Cerezo is happy with Kiko Gámez. They had a good time, calm and settled. He has integrated perfectly into her life; and vice versa. They still haven’t officially lived together:’they take it easy for the kids. She understands that there is no rush to take such a drastic step. “

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